Help Wanted Productions - Chopper Oscillator Prototype:

The Chopper Oscillator is an all analog, organic handheld musical device. It has a number of real time controls for modifying it's pitch and tone. It is capable of mimicing a basic thermin and indeed will act as one with Photo Resistor control for pitch.  This can be set in a latched ON mode or triggered by a button for quick on/off modulation.  In addition, the Chopper Oscillator can produce a number of other sounds and effects from chirps to buzzing sounds, thick analog sweeps low rumbling noise.

The Chopper Oscillator offers multiple mixed and modifiable waveforms, modulation of tone and pitch, touch sensors for tonal vibrato, two visual LEDs for monitoring modulation settings, and an 1/8" output for connecting to effects, running into a computer or other recording device, or if desired headphone use for private space-out time.


Controls: From left to right, top to bottom:

Top of Unit - Dual Touch Sensor (pitch up) Contacts

Knob 1 - Waveform Modulation, Knob 2 - Tonal Volume Control
Green LED - Indicates Waveform Modulation Amount, Red LED - Indicates Tonal Volume Amount
Switch 1 - Waveform Options, Switch 2 - Power On/Off
Center Knob - Main Oscillator Pitch
Switch 3 - Photo Resistor on/off, Red Button - Temporary Photo Resistor on/off,
Photo Resistor - Modulates Pitch

1/8" Mono Output Jack

Audio Demo of Chopper Oscillator:
(recorded live with no editing or overdubs)

Hear it now!