Altruistic Suicide

Altruistic Suicide was the first live gigging band from HWP and it took an organic and direct approach to making industrial and rock music. Found and created sounds, traditional instruments, and technology and processing are all combined in a unique and emotion filled context. The results created a variety of sounds and styles found on recordings as well as the unconventional use of effects and feedback as instruments. This method of mixing sounds and genres (along with good ol' road sweat) integrated the writing, recording, and performance of the music at all levels and often surfaced on the extended sound based improvisations during live shows. Concerts mixed this incendiary exploration with hard hitting tight arrangements of songs and this balance that  helped make Altruistic Suicide one of the most aggressive yet appealing indie bands on the local Phila. scene.

The first single Two (released in 1991) is now long out of print but with the introduction of the album Human Machine Altruistic Suicide put it's live jamming style forward with a mix of hard rock, grinding industrial, and blues influenced songs. Industrial Nation wrote, "Altruistic Suicide have stumbled past the confining, cliched borders of the "industrial" label. Diverse in its violent and more poetic moments." Human Machine also got the attention of Arc, the Underground Press, and the Cyberden's own Nexus 6 magazine.

Altruistic Suicide followed up this tape with an EP of noise collage and ambient based instrumentals titled FIST and soon had a new track on the international compilation The Art of Brutality. In 1995 the band played a number of live dates headlining and opening for bands such as Body Clock. Some bootleg videos and recordings of these shows are still circulating. A studio outtake, The Light of Darkness, also appears on the Electronic Music Project CD compilation showcasing the more sinister and gothic influences of the band.

After three years and multiple personelle changes the final studio album was completed and released. Appropriately titled Inside Out  This album presented a studio savy mix of songs and instrumentals taking the band even further in it's explorations song structure and musical styles. More straight forward rock and industrial tunes mix with blues and creeping experimental instrumentals. The album concludes with a live noise jam taken from some lost tapes recently discovered and then flows into a serene piano based track to wrap the whole thing up. Inside Out completes the Altruistic Suicide cycle of rotating styles, musicians, and songs and is the perfect introduction and conclusion to the Help Wanted Production band that started it all.

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