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Mixed Signals -  $7


Live at GERM - $3

Sample and Hold EP - $2




Wise Guide (new single 2013) - $.75


Exile - $7

Caffeine - $5

Nature/Nurture - $7

The Feedback Machine - $6

Music For Isolation Tank Live @LegionUK Studios - $4

Soft Landing (single) - $.75





Inside Out - $7

FIST EP - $2

Human Machine: Songs   - Name Your Price!!!

Two Tapes (1997) - $1


Our 8Bit/Glitch releases:


8Bit LIVE EP - $5


MegoDETH "Speak and Hell" - $1

MegoDETH - "Bellamorte, Bellamore"   $1

Nano3 Single - $.75

MegoDETH Theme - $.75


Other Releases and Projects by David Talento

ACID 2006  - $2.50



Guitar/Not Guitar EP - $3

Fugue State - $2.50

Transmitter - $.75




Z.O. with Tea - $.75

Devil I - $.75


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David TalentoACID 2006 (limited edition of 25 Full Color copies)After years of live gigs and studio jams HWP is proud to offer a live nonstop CD of David Talento performing minimal, raw, and unapologetic Acid techno using unconventional but effective newer instruments.
Here is an Excerpt . View the  Limited Edition release . Only $12!!!

David TalentoHand Held Music  In the years 2000 - 2002 David Talento began experimenting with a minimal setup of maximum impact. Using software on a Palm Pilot, a nintendo gameboy, and various virtual modeling synthesizers  Hand Held Music was born out of a series of  live improvised  concerts and studio sessions.  These pieces were performed everywhere from the Society For Electro Acoustical Music in the US (SEAMUS)  conference in Iowa City to underground warehouse parties. This CD collects the original studio EP with a digitally re-edited  complete  live performance from the 2002 Fringe Concert series.

David Talento - The L.I.F.E. Album Solo recording done using the Little Infinite Frequency Expander created by Technomage studios in the UK. "The L.I.F.E. Album" is an hour long  excursion into this instrument and it's magical properties minimally recorded using only the L.I.F.E. and a single delay unit.

David TalentoMusic To Confuse Dancers By  HWP founder and leading aural alchemist releases this kinetic compilation consisting of  songs, soundscapes, live recordings, and  experiments from over the past  decade. Features electronic based music recently used in modern dance performances as well as other theatrical and kinetic compositions. Confused about where to start with HWP albums? THIS is the place

Music For Isolation Tanks - Nature/NurtureThis CD might be considered (GASP) an actual commercial release. It contains studio recordings of poly-rhythmic electronic mayhem and lots of realtime tweaking which the kids call "acid techno" these days. Lots of classic analog synthesizers and drummachines but of course much much more. If you like techo and are curious about Music For Isolation Tanks, this CD is the best place to start.

Music For Isolation Tanks - The Feedback Machine A live in the Studio full on Electronic noisefest featuring the only studio recording of the three - piece MFIT lineup from 1996. Full info on this album Here.  This is a  limited edition CD designed in a colored  jewel case.

Overdrive Date Master   All the Damn Hits!! Long awaited full length CD from Binky the monkey and the boys! Contains never before released live performances, audience interviews, the full "How Can U B..." cassette release, and other surprises. The Perfect place to start for fans or potential converts alike.

Overdrive Date Master - The Christmas Show  - Two mono tube record players playing at the wrong speeds, Space echos, Fender amps, children's toys and a windup monkey. Yes, it's the latest live album from Binky and the Boys.  The horror, the horror...

Altruistic Suicide Inside Out  This is the  final Altruistic Suicide album and it combines industrial, rock, blues, and noise into a potent mix. The only Altruisitc Suicide full length CD. Hear the swan song by the HWP band that started it all...

LIVESEXACT - Segmented Purity(the remixes)   You must get DOWN!! Through special arrangement  HWP is proud to present Boston based sonic and stage experimentalists LIVESEXACT. Segmented purity s their first all remix album featuring songs De and Reconstructed. Buy the album here or online directly form their fabulous site at:
"Segmented Purity is a lengthy disc of remixes by unknowns, it's pretty damn surprising that it outshines much of the nu-electro flooding the indie scene these days." -  PopMatters Magazine Jan 2003


Compact Disk Compilations:

The Looper's Delight - Subscriber's CD #1 -   $12.00  -- Now only $10.00!!
Brought to you by the Looper's Delight web page and mailing list this CD contains 15 tracks of loop based music. Ranging from polished and multi-tracked acoustic and ambient excursions to lofi reel-to-reel nonsense this CD is a great introduction to a group of musicians from around the world who like to loop. (Check out our new Looper's Delight CD#1 page with reviews and a picture of the cover by clicking the title of the CD above.)

(PLEASE NOTE: The original Full Color cover of the Looper's Delight CD has been discontinued. This CD is now  available as a CDr with a Generic cover for a reduced price.)

Electronic Music Project   The DIY electronic music compilation. Over one hour of tracks ranging from ambient space music to jungle, experimental, and industrial techno. Nine musicians from across the US and Canada burst out of their home studios with this multi-genre cross platform CD. More info HERE. Please note this CD was professionally printed and packaged and is now out of print.
VERY limited quantities. $15.00

The Art of Brutality -70+ Minutes of hard and aggressive electrobeat and aggro/industrial music. Features: Wumpscut, Altruistic Suicide, Xorcist, Music For Isolation Tanks, Terminal, Thine Eyes, and many more.

Books:-HWP founder David Talento has published two chap books of writings, prose and plays. The first book, On All The Time is fully illustrated by printmaker Steven Potts and is still available for only $5

  On All the Time - $5.00, 

SPECIAL 8 Track Release!!

Play/Record/Volume/Tone - Back in the 1990s, long after they were obsolete, ODM produced a limited edition 8track release containing  the "How Can You Be a Sellout If No One is Buying" album  plus live material and other nonsense. Each tape was different and contained at least 40 minutes of Pure ODM. (Some tapes may have contain "bonus material" by other 8track artists). It is rumored one contained a golden ticket.
These are now long out of print but you can read a review and see a picture HERE)

Cassettes: All cassette tapes are only $5/each!!

Music For Isolation Tanks - Exile- The first full length studio album from Music For Isolation Tanks. released in 1994 this tapes contains ambient instrumentals which flow from one side of your mind to the other.

Altruistic Suicide -  Inside/Out - This is the  final Altruistic Suicide album and it combines industrial, rock, blues and noise into a potent mix. Hear the swan song by the HWP band that started it all...

Altruistic Suicide - Human Machine -  The very first full length HWP album. Industrial Nation magazine called this Industrial/Rock creation "Diverse, refreshing and poetic." Cassette, (Very Limited Quantities)

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