Now you can have all the great Help Wanted Productions releases digitally mastered on CD!!

CDrs are audio Compact Disks that are created on recordable media. They differ from conventional compact disks in that they can be created one at a time without the need for large machines or presses and therefore they are easier and much more convenient to manufacture for a small label. They can be played on any audio CD player including home stereos, car and portable players, or a computer CDrom drive capable of playing audio CDs.

Each CDr made by Help Wanted Productions is digitally mastered from DAT using redbook industry specs and comes complete with plastic jewelcase and cover. While this form of release is still in it's relative infancy, we have taken every step to ensure these CDs are as interesting and well made as their more conventional counterparts. CDrs are simply the next logical step for our label which has been releasing underground cassettes for almost eight years now. Look for many new titles as well as reissues and combined EP releases of the Help Wanted back catalog in the near future.

Our first CDr release, the live Music For Isolation Tanks concert held at Electrolust 6/98:

A typical Help Wanted Productions CDr release:

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