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David Talento is the founder of Help Wanted Productions, a music label dedicated to creating and distributing unique organic/electronic music. Since the early 1990s he has released a dozen albums with various groups and projects including singles and tracks on international compilations and full length CDs and EPs under the band names Music For Isolation Tanks, Sweeping the Noise Floor, Altruistic Suicide, and others. These recordings have been sold throughout the world and received air play on radio stations from Germany and France to Poland parts of the Soviet Union and throughout the US and Canada.

In 1995 David co-founded the Electronic Music Project, a group of independent musicians in the US and Canada who had been recording and performing a variety of underground electronic music for years. A self titled CD, EMP, was released early the next year. The EMP disk contains three tracks by David Talento (one track each as Sweeping the Noise Floor and Altruistic Suicide) and a collaborative remix of San Francisco musician LX Rudis under Davidís alter ego "Legion".

In June 1998 David headlined ELECTROLUST, a monthly electronic music live performance party, in Philadelphia as Music For Isolation Tanks. This concert was recorded and recently released as the Live at Electrolust album by Help Wanted Productions. It features David in a rare solo performance as Music For Isolation Tanks improvising with synthesizers and tape loops live over a bed of electronic beats and children's toys and laid the foundation for a series of live MFIT albums to follow. Other live concerts include the annual Overdrive Date Master  Christmas Show where he performs as part of a trio manipulating old mono record players and mixing and perverting flea market finds and 78 RPM classics into a deconstructed frenzy.

David has composed pieces and performed for a number of local artists and organizations as well. Starting with his first commission for the now defunct Archetype Dance Theater (unfortunately the company folded before it was completed) David has composed and performed sound collages for art installation projects and played at  the Wilma Theater as part of a work  in progress. He has performed at a GODCO fund raiser as Music For Isolation Tanks providing electronic mayhem for the masses with cut up visuals and other artists and  headlined one of 1999's Gateway to Moonbase Alpha live performance evenings. He also performed as part of the 1999 Fringe Festivalís Fresh Ears, New Hearing series and the 2000 Fringe Festival doing an electronic audio/visual piece called the L.I.F.E. performance. In 2001 he played the Fringe Festival as Music For Isolation Tanks and debuted what was to become his Handheld Music performance at the Project House in Philadelphia.  In 2002 he performed the Handheld music show at the SEAMUS conference in Iowa City and the Fringe 2002 festival. In addition three of his compositions were used by Rebecca Sloan (of The Bald Mermaids fame) as sole musical accompaniment for her Fringe 2002 performance  In 2003,  he began work on and presented an all new live show featuring processed and  guitar synthesizer compositions titled Guitar/Not Guitar and started collaborations with other local bands for live performances and distribution of additional  music through HWP.

Photo: Theonetruebates

2004 saw David branching out into visual mediums with his first solo exhibition at GERM Books and gallery of  Lofi Photography  which uses gameboys, Casio watches,  and palmpilot PIX cameras.  He performed  his first original multimedia piece at the 2004 Fringe and Live Arts festival which included a short film, modern dance, and live music all mixed together on stage. In 2005 David composed the music and sound design for the Short film "The Peryton" which won the Philadelphia 48 Hour film festival's Best Picture and Audience Favorite awards. His current passion is painting which has taken a (perhap not surprisingly) abstract turn.

Completed paintings and works in progress are available for viewing here.

From the mid 2000s on David has kept busy with a number of music and art projects.  He released the first full length Sweeping The Noise Floor studio ablum, Baseline, in 2007 on An album release party and subsequent all modular set followed at GERM Books in Philadelphia and the recording of that concert was made available on a limited  Edition hand numbered special CD.  David also performed at the Igne Natura Renovatur Integra Requiem Concert playing his instrument the GTRello and amplified cello. This performace is now available as a free download (See link above for full info).

To close out the decade David has DJ'd sets of eclectic pop, techno, jazz, and rarities under the nameDJ Wrong  including harder and faster sets for matches and national conferences with the Philly Womens Roller Derby.  In 2009 he started an instrument and art company dedicated to making handheld noise instruments, circuit bent and modified creations,  and recycled tech oriented art.  Sweeping the Noise Floor has started to play out doing more noise collage sets and in 2010 he played keys in the short lived live music revivial of  Muscle Factory  and is currently the bass player in the David E. Williams Ensemble  Experience Project and occasional multi-instrumentalist and singer for David E. Williams live performances.


In addition to composing, performing, DJing, and running a label dedicated to underground/avant electronic music David also plays the lead role in the mock Cabaret/Blues band Tony Violence ,  publishes a blog on personal insight and experiementation with modular and other synthesizers at The Synth and I, and still records and makes noise and art in the basement. To keep up with the mayhem check out the concert pages on this site and  the update pages  here:




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