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Bringing you the best in unusual, energetic, and wonderfully WRONG mixes
for your entertainment pleasure...


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Spinning the perfect mix of music for YOUR event DJ Wrong combines styles and songs you'd never imagine could be played together to create a seamless mix of energy, enthusiasm, and FUN for all.

A veteran of the Philadelphia  Indie Music Scene DJ Wrong has brought his talents to such diverse events as:

- The Philadelphia Fringe Festival

- Philly Block Parties

- Weddings

- Philly all Women's Roller Derby (including 2009 Nationals @ the Convention Center!!)

- Private and Corporate Events

- Clubs and Alternative Venue performances

- Sunday Brunch at the Abbaey

- and Much, Much, More!

DJ Wrong has Rocked the Philly Roller Girls matches for years


AND he cleans up nice for your Professional or Hip event!

Question: What do The Pogues, The Stooges, Ray Charles, Devo, PJ Harvey, Johnny Cash and hundreds of others  have in Common?

Answer: They all play nice together when in the hands of mixmaster Wrong at YOUR event

Punk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Indie, Techno, Surf, Rockabilly, R&B, Novelty, Metal, Country, Oldies, Swing, and MORE

No Genre is safe!

DJ Wrong will custom pick selections from his personal collection of thousands of recordings

to make YOUR event rock and sway exactly as YOU want it.

BACK in the day...

More Retro than Retro Baby, the DJ shows you  how Louis Prima plays nice with  Harem Dance music the The Sparks on deck at a private 85th Year Birthday Party!

 Dig those headphones!

"With a private collection of thousands of recordings from Leonard Nimoy Sings albums to Malcom X  or Nixon speeches to Instructional "how to" records from the 50's, 60's and 70's DJ Wrong mixes Techno, Soul, Heavy Metal, and R&B together to form a unique collage of music and sound. Always different, always fun, this is one DJ you won't forget!" 
                                  - ALT DJ Monthly,  2002 

Available for Clubs, Private Parties, Street Gatherings, and anything remotely underground, artistic, or interesting. Try something different, go WRONG!!

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