Forsale: Roland 1980s Analog Bass guitar synthesizer. Both Bass and Floor unit are in 100% functional shape and very good cosmetic shape. This is the ultra rare Japanese (Ibanez) made neck through full size active bass with built in GK1 pickup, Controls for Frequency, Resonance, touch plate for manual vibrato (This does NOT exisit in GR77 model!) dual active pickups with volume tone, synth/bass balance, and switch for setting the synth alons or adding HexFuzz distortion+ synth (again unique to this instruments and similar to the GR300 guitar unit. This is a FANTASTIC bass in and of it's own right without even considering it's synth capabilites.
Bass is a 1981 MIJ good heavy Fender body type with all wood construction, active pickups, a very flexible FULL low end bass sound, and of course excellent tracking on the synth. 1/4" out for bass alone or run into the GR33b floor unit and split the signal. neck is smooth and VERY solid. The bass has a cosmetic issue where one of the pieces of wood is misalinged on it making it stand up from the finished body. This is how the bas was when I got it in the mid 90s and it hasn't changed and does not affect the playability or sound of the unit in any way. It is not a crack but an odd issue nevertheless so I am mentioning it and fully showing it in the pics below. I can send other pics as well.
This bass guitar/controller is extrodinarily rare. I have only seen one G33 forsale in ten years and that was quite beat up. This also comes with the orignal Roland full size hard shell case. It has been babied as long as I have owned it and never used live and shows minor wear given that it is a 25_ yeaor old vintage instrument (again view pics for the luster and condition of the wood etc.
The G33 WILL play a GR300 Guitar synth unit as well as the later GR700 and GR77b Roland Guitar synthesizer floor units. (it will obviously only trigger four notes for the four strings when using one of the guitar units however). The onboard Frequency and cuttoff controls also work for all units. Arial

Roland G33 Bass:

Full length of Bass Controller



Misaligned part on body:

bass in original HS case:

Back with opened compartment shoing active battery area:

Headstock with Serial #
Please note this is NOT the digital GR33 black floor unit with works with the GK2 13pin pickup. This is the original all analog The GR33b analog Bass Synthesizer floor unit is the brother to the Roland GR300 guitar floor unit. It has one internal tracking VCO and two additional pitch settings for adding adjustable 5ths, etc up or down in pitch to the fundamental. Filter, LFO (with delay - this is unique to the GR33b, the GR300 does not have this), Envelope follower settings with patching to filter, VCA, etc. All knobs all the time, with inputs for CV control (you can use any passive CV pedal to sweep the filter making it a wah type unit etc.) The hexFuzz pickup is nice a raw and fits the overall unit quite well and again with the G33 bass you can activate the LFO manually or latch it on directly from the bass controller itself. The GR33b is also rare as hen's teeth. Amazing analog goodness from the early 80s back when Roland made real analog instruments that tracked and worked properly. this GR33b is in excellent shape (see pictures) 100% original and fully functional.
GR33B Analog Floor unit:
Back with connections of GR33b Floor unit:
The original 24 pin Roland Gk1 cable. This is 100% tested and working (I recently resoldered some of the connections myself). This will be sold ONLY in combination with the bass. Last one went for $200+ on Eb*y. This will be available for $150 with the pruchase of the above if desired. Special: If one person buys both the Bass *and* GR33b floor unit at my asking price I will include this cable FREE!!!
15' GK1 cable:

PRICE: I am asking $1250 for the Bass with original HSC, GR33b floor units, *and* the GK1 cable. I will consider selling the bass and floor unit separately but will NOT sell the GK1 without the bass. Asking price is $700 for the GR33b and $600 for the bass. The cable is $150 extra with the bass if you want it. I will listen to SERIOUS offers if you send a phone # and are prepared to buy the unit ASAP. Preference will go to a complete sale and local purchases. Trades for banana jack modular gear by Serge, Modcan, Cyndustries considered as well. I understand these are not toys items nor are they toy prices so I will do my best to answer any questions from serious buyers.
TERMS: I am located in Phila PA and would prefer a local sale but given the rarity of this item I am willing to ship if buyer pays shipping costs. Paypal accepted if buyer pays fees and there is a reasonable waiting period otherwise USPS MO is good to go right away. I have been playing, buying and selling, and collecting analog gear for over 15 years and run the internet GR300 Roland guitar synth website so I KNOW this unit inside and out. Visit the site at: Any questions, etc by all means let me know.