EMP- The Electronic Music Project

The Electronic Music Project (also known as EMP) is a collection of independent labels, underground studios, musicians, and friends dedicated to creating and releasing electronic music in all of it various forms and styles.It started out innocently enough as an idea simply discussed between two friends who were frustrated by financial demands of an individual release and lack of opportunity for underground musicians to be heard. With a few phone calls and some email however, EMP quickly developed as more and more dedicated musicians came on board to make the project a reality.

All the participants provided one or two tracks that they recorded in their home studios. No limits on substance or style were made and each person submitted what they wanted to. In some cases brand new songs and bands were created while others put together a unique mix of a track or submitted an unreleased song from an already existing recording session.

The end result of this collaboration is an wonderful introduction to today's electronic music. Songs range from Tangerine Dreamlike ambient excursions to techno dance tracks, minimalist experimental soundscapes, and industrial/gothic instrumentals. In short, over one hour of the best in new music professionally recorded and produced by individuals who put their time, money, and music where their mouth was.

EMP is more than a great CD of music, it is proof that action speaks louder than words and Art doesn't have to come from business. As the CD cover proudly declares, We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we have enjoyed making it.

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Updated 1/2013:  Scans of the now OOP EMP CD: