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This drawing was sent in by Uber fan Drew Elliot:
No little girlie men here!!


A curious lifter writes...

Dear Muscle Factory,

 I was lucky enough to see your educational and inpsiring set at the Khyber last Saturday.  During the intro one of the band  was introduced as "about to market his own protein powder, designed to help naturals get big results fast."  I was wondering,  what's a "natural"?  Is it someone who wants to add bulk without chemicals ("natural" like "organic")?  Or does it mean  someone who's just starting out and doesn't have much muscle mass yet (and so "natural" like a newbie)?

Super set (and on my second set),

p.s. if you want to make "Dear Muscle Factory" an advice column like "Dear Abby", I'd sure read it.

A "photo" of the infamous Khyber Pass gig sent in by a sharp fan. Let's hear it for Seth folks!!

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