New Music For Isolation Tanks album - 
The Feedback Machine

Over the years Music For Isolations Tanks has mutated from a one man ambient exploration to a five piece touring live industrial/experimental noisefest. The only thing consistent in the sounds of all of these lineups and recordings has been an adventurous spirit of discovering new ways of making and hearing electronic music.

Having released a variety of studio tracks, two live albums, and countless bootleg cassettes MFIT took the next logical step and recorded a live album in the studio. The result of this is the cassette release of The Feedback Machine.

The Feedback Machine is a journey in where organic electronic music can go. It's not ambient, it's not noise, it's not techno, it's not just experimental yet it has elements of all of these. Using many recording and playing techniques based around the philosophies of artists as diverse Brian Eno and Throbbing Gristle the live trio lineup of MFIT who brought you the Dark and Stormy Night album got together, traded instruments and gadgets, talked it down, and plugged in.

The Feedback Machine owes as much to Miles Davis's pioneering recordings such as "Bitches Brew" as it does to the Residents or Kraftwerk. Guitars plugged into modular synth and processing stations, drum machines run through filtered monosynths, and our beloved guitarist playing a homebrew theremin into a chain of eccentric stompboxes all contribute to magic on this unique recording.

We hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it and playing live at all the shows.

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