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Ciruit Benders and Experimental Audio Links:

  • F7 Sound and Vision - F7 Sound and Vision- One of the most comprehensive sites for Circuit benders, Electronic Experimenters, or the adventurous and curious. Extreme tape manipulation, Instrument and recording gear reviews, how to and WHY guides galore. You could send days here, and you should.
  • The Difficult Listen Channel - Podcasts of F7's Michael Oster and his world of sound. For the audio adventurist
  • Experimenters Anonymous - Custom work , bizarre audio devices and more. Dig the knobs and audio abuse. -
  • Roil Noise Records - Amazing Noise label and great circuit bending section with free samples -
  • Team Dethlab and Toy Breaker - Bethany Shorb and Michael Doyle's brilliant ongoing live 8bit and other art and music pages.
  • Bent It - This site goes over the top in visual presentation of their circuit bent instruments. Enjoy for both the eye candy and the art.
  • Reed Ghazala and Anti-Theroy pages - - Often considered the "Father" of circuit bending, Ghazala's site is filled with his art, sound experiments, and the best basic Circuit Bending online tutorial out there.
  • Casper Electronics - Circuit bent sound gadgets and custom creations. Huge online gallery with pictures, samples, and info on dozens of circuit bent toys and instruments.
  • DataMath - THE Texas Instuments online museum of old TI calculators, speak and spells and other odd products for back in the day. Literally hundreds of models available to view. It doesn't stop there either A great introduction to Circuit bending for the common man with links, songs, and more.

    Cool EMusic Web Sites:

  • Hyperreal - Home to Music Machines, one of the most complete collections of synthesizer and electronic music information online. Hyperreal also has info on labels, bands, the Analogue Heaven mailing list archives, samples, software, and more for the constantly learning electronic musician.
  • Beginner's Synthesizer FAQ - One of the BEST introductions to synthesis, electronic instruments, buying or building gear, and tons more. If you've ever had a question about how to start making (or even listening to ) electronic music this is an excellent place to start. Fully indexed and well written.
  • Midiwall - Don't be fooled by the word "midi" in it's name, this is an excellent site for all things analogue digital, and even virtual. Links to a Used Gear Price List and help for online buyers of instruments, easy to search Analogue Heaven mailing list archives, and pages on the Nord Modular virtual analog synth and much more can be found starting here.
  • - A GREAT online magazine of reviews, hints, interviews and more. Always fresh and updated often and , of course, free! Check it out for news on gear, tips on playing,  and a lot more.
  • Synthfool - Pictures, info, patch sheets, schematics, and more on old synthesizers and the people who play them. A great description of MOOG synthesizers and the companies that exist today as well as an impressive collection of modular system photos.
  • Guitar Synths and Midi Guitars - Who says keyboardists have all the fun? Here's a wonderful resource of old and new guitar based controllers with invaluable info for anyone trying to do the six string shuffle. The main page here also has info on Pedal synths and one man band tips and tricks.
  • Effects Database - Harmony Central offers one of the best online resources for effects processors. Want to know about an old Boss, DOD, or Ibanez stompbox? This is the place. Dozens of manufacturers with literally hundreds of items from distortions, delays, and reverbs to autowahs and ring modulators all clearly indexed and ripe for the surfin'.
  • The Synthesizer Picture Archive - Ever wanted to know what almost every synthesizer or drum machine ever looked like? Hit up this link and you'll be overwhelmed with thousands of pictures indexed by manufacturer.
  • Electronic Drum Resources - A web page dedicated to the Live electronic drummer. Info and pictures on triggers, drum pads, modules, and a fabulous links section to companies currently manufacturing instruments.

    Local Stuff and Help Wanted Productions friends and artists:

  • David E. Williams - has been slaving for too long in the underground Alternative/Goth scene. His music is brilliant, entertaining, and disturbing all at the same time. He is also the fabulous organist and piano player for the Tony Violence Trio. Hit up this site to find out what this eccentric genius is up to.
  • Jennifer Bates -  Jennifer Bates took her spaceship off this planet in 2007 but she is still with us. Her memory and art continue to infect us all.
  • Dandy Duck and Friends - Perhaps even more than David E. Williams or Jennifer Bates Dandy Duck rules the Philadelphia art and music world. Perhaps. Visit his site for the fabulous Photo essay The Life and Death of Bob Crane.
  • Lofi PhotographyThe Nintendo gameboy camera, Casio Photo wristwatche, and Palm pilot Palmpix add on all contribute to low resolution, high octane photo art on these pages. See how much can be done with so little.
  • Alex Westner - Former Altrusitic Suicide and MFIT keyboardist, Alex has a new project called Non Linear which is available on HWP. Contact him here for info on his latest exploits.
  • Steve Potts - Artist and creator of the Screaming man logo as well as the monotypes from the On All the Time Book. Email him from this link for updates on his most recent work.
  • The Philadelphia Ambient Consortium (Music and Noise) - Organized by WKDU's DJ Spaceling this is the place to find out information on LIVE shows, new releases, and information on the truly alternative scene in Philadelphia. The Consortium sponsers FREE monthly Live concerts as well as providing a mailing list and web page for people who put their art and money where their mouth is. Whether you're interested in contemporary classical, ambient DJs, or ambient/electronic bands you'll find what you're looking for and more here.
  • Paranoid Propeller Records - is another Phila independent label releasing psychedelic and experimental music. Brother JT and his odd projects such as The Mediums are here along with Naked Movie Star and hard to find tracks and compliations.
  • The Philadephia Music Homepage - Here is the another great site with information on all sorts of music in Philadelphia. Rock, Jazz, and "Other" bands have links here. Info on venues and upcoming shows as well.
  • Flavio Lemelle and Flat Five Productions - Former Music For Isolation Tanks live team player Flavio is now a Gen-u-ine academic getting his graduate degree in electronic music from NYU.

    Electronic Instruments:

  • FutureRetro  - A great current  analog instrument company and makers of the FR777 the ONLY hardware clone of the TB303 which not only adds additional sound features but includes a spot on duplicate of the features of the original quirky sequencer complete with acid sliiiiide.
  • The FENIX modular system  -  Born from the ashes of the 1970 and 1980s Synton Synthesizer team the FENIX is a quirky and unique portable modular synthesizer.  No longer manufactuered and a collector's item before it was even finished (only 75 exist worldwide)  the FENIX is proof that love of music and deidication to craft can yield magical results
  • Ensoniq Samplebase -  An online resource with Files, Tools, Samples, Diskimages for Ensoniq Samplers from the Mirage to ASRX.
  • L.I.F.E. - The Little Infinite Frequency Expander (aka L.I.F.E.) is a handheld Orb. Part self contained analog synthesizer, part partyball, the creator describes it best, "LIFE is essentially a compact self-contained hand held inspirational tool for everybody interested in the creation of sound. " Intrigued Yet? Check out this link for this unusual instrument.
  • MOOG Music  - Robert Moog is often creditied with designing the Minimoog, the most famous synthesizer among musicains EVER. He also created the instruments that were used on breakthrough recordings such as "Switch on Bach" and countless other Classical, Jazz, and rock albums. The East Coast founder of the modern synthesizer Dr. Moog has returned to manufacturing instruments and high end thermins.  Visit Moog Music to learn the past, present, and future.
  • Frostwave  - Frostwave offers some of the best effects and processing boxes available today. From insanely flexble filters to theremin style controllers and the most affordable and flexible analog sequencer around. Proudly hand made and colorfully designed in Australia and shipped worldwide at bargain prices. Check them OUT!
  • Buchla -  After you've learned your history and come into the 21st century of electronic innovation among instruments. Don Buchla is one of the granfathers of modern synthesis and like Robert Moog he has hasn't stood still the past thirty or so years. Check out instruments such as the Marimba Lumunia and the midi translation of acoustic pianos the Piano Bar, as well as his unique history of  modular synthesizers and alternative controllers.
  • Wiard Modular Synthesizers - Wiard offers all the magic and technology a true synthesizer can offer. These instrument designs are a mix of classic and comtemporary functions in a wonderful and unique modualr instrument.
  • PAIA - DIY electronic kits of synthesizers, effects, and a wonderful picture gallery of old and forgotten analogue relics made by hobbyists back in the day. Information and schematics on the new PAIA theremin is also here for those curious about controllers other than a keyboard.
  • Blacet Music Research- This is a link to one of the DIY founders of electronic music and his current product line. John Blacet published schematics and created some of the more esoteric electronic musical instruments in the 1970s. Today he's back with the Dark Star Chaos module and other wonders.
  • Doepfer Modular Synthesizers and products - Combining both new and interesting modular synthesizers and affordability used to be considered a dream. Doepfer's A100 system offers one of the most affordable and flexible instruments ever created at a fraction of the cost of other vintage and new instruments. This link goes directly to the A100 instrument page but take other links from their for the full line of products including controlled voltage convertors and analog sequencers.
  • Electronic Music Systems Homepage - Probably one of the most unique electronic instruments ever made, the EMS modular synthesizer series is here in all it's glory. Find out info on one of Brian Eno and Pink Floyd's favorite synths the EMS SynthiA (a small modular system built into a briefcase) as well as survial tips for users of this surly and downright strangely designed system.
  • Roland Vintage Guitar Synths - Of all the guitar synthesizers made, only a handful allow guitarists to play them without a thought to tracking or technique. The Roland GR300 was and is one of the classic instruments made that combined the fluidity of the guitar with the processing and sounds of an analogue synthesizer. See pictures of this and the early Roland line on this page.
  • The Mirage Sampler - For followers of the first affordable digital sampler for the masses. While it's noisy and cumbersome to work with, the Ensoniq Mirage offers multisampling, a ton of editing parameters, and wonderful analogue filters for a crack price. Perfect for sound explorers on a budget. (note: see Flat Five Productions below for a Mirage Symphony recording that is available)
  • TB-303 homepage - Love it or hate it few electronic instruments have such a rabid following as the Roland Bassline TB303. Originally created for guitarists and lounge musicians to replace a bass guitarist, it failed miserably in the marketplace only to be reborn as the quinessential tool for acid dance music. Read all about it's history and it's magical powers on this link.
  • The Weird Instrument Homepage - The strange world of consumer instruments, tape recorders, and toys which can be used as musical instruments. Full of pictures of Omnichords, Casios, reel to reel decks, weird guitars, and much more.
  • Linn 9000 Homepage - The flagship rhythm monster from the creator of the first digital drum machine. Information, specs, and free disk images full of samples.
  • Vintage Korg Instruments - For unique features and awesome analogue quirkyness it would be hard to beat the weird and wonderful older Korg synthesizer line. This page has 'em all with pictures, info, and helpful hints.
  • Help Wanted Productions Instrument and Music Reviews - Reviews of specific instruments and effects. Also contains reviews and links to other DIY and underground electronic musicians.

    Great Artists, Places, Projects, and Pages:


  • Corn Warning  - Bragging to be "Iowa's only techno label" Corn Warning and it's founder Kent Williams are much much more than that. Talented, creative, and always sincere Chaircrusher and his posse make music from the heart that comes from the head and is meant for the feet. Check out his MP3 site for additional goodies regularly.
  • Bald Bastard - Brooklyn wunderkind David Bivins makes techno the old fashioned way.. He PLAYS it...LIVE. Check out his web page, studio, and MP3 site here.
  • Invisible Fish -  NYC experimental techno and electronic music label . Featuring some very cool and risk taking vinyl.
  • Papa Bear Records - The homepage of bassist and musician Tony Levin. You can order his brilliant World Diary CD (recorded with worldbeat musicians such as Ravi Shankar) as well as follow links and get information on people and bands he has recorded with including Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, and Robert Fripp.
  • Adrian Belew - A homepage of electronic gadget master and guitarist Adrian Belew who has performed with artsists ranging from David Bowie and King Crimson to Nine Inch Nails and his own projects including the pop band The Bears. Read all about his latest projects, reocrdings, and tour dates here.
  • 2.13.61 - An independent book company founded by Henry Rollins. 2.13.61 publishes powerful and hard hitting books by Bill Shields, Michael Gira (of the Swans), Tricia Warden, Exene Cervenka (of X), Nick Cave, and many, many others. This site also has information, tour dates, and pictures of the Rollins Band and spoken word recordings by many of the authors.

    Electronic Music Internet Mailing Lists:

  • Digital Hell - The Digital Hell web site and mailing list offers info, pics, and archives on digital based electronic instruments and effects. The Casio CZ series, Yamaha's DX series and new "modeling" and computer based systems are all welcome here along with questions on hard disk recording and computer hardware and software oriented music making.
  • Analogue Heaven - Possibly the most famous internet mailing list for electronic musicians, Analogue Heaven is dedicated to vintage, reissued, and current analogue synthesizers, drum machines, effects, and more. The AH archives are the best resource for answers to questions about older gear. Hit this link and search the AH archives by filename or topic to see what current users and owners of these gems have to say.
    The Loopers Delight - A web site, archive, and mailing list of all things dealing with looping and manipulating audio. From how to use that old reel to reel or Space Echo to the new updates for the Oberheim digital echoplex and computer software that sequences loops. (see our Real Audio page for more info.)

    Electronic Music  Software:

  •  Rebirth Analog Emulation Software  - Once upon a time techno pioneers made music using cheap and obsolete drum machines and synthesizers such as the  Roland. The TB303 bassline and TR808/TR909 drum machines. Inflated collectors prices drove these instruments out of reach for many users but now Proppellerheads software makes available all these instruments in a PC or mac software package. By far the most basic yet thorough and accurate sounding emulation out there. Visit this page and try the demo for yourself.
  • VAZ Virtual Analogue Synthesizer - A realtime model of an analog synthesizer. Use sliders, buttons, and more to create and control this electronic instrument and it's built in sequencer.
  • Editors, Librarians and More - The Hyperreal software repository has dozens of programs ranging from midi editors such as Junolib (a Juno 106 librarian complete with a randomize feature) to Simsynth (a simple Wav oriented virtual synth).


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