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Help Wanted Productions and it's bands are dedicated to not only creating and recording music but also playing it live for an audience. It is our belief that too many electronic musicians pass up the opportunity to expand their music due to the challenges of actual performance versus the comfort of studio wizardry. The technology and instruments used by many of the HWP projects often makes it impossible to duplicate studio recordings but having done a number of shows over the years we have discovered the impact of the bands does translate to this environment and the music takes on a whole new life on-stage as a result.

Tony Violence and friends rock out at  Fishtasticon 2006

Upcoming Live Performances:



MegoDETH plays LIVE!!!

The premiere HWP Acid/8bit/Glitch Band turns up the volume sliders for a Blow Out set November 2nd  for the Philadelphia Hactory's Annual Gala Ball.


WHERE:    RUBA Club -  414 Green Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

WHEN: Saturday Night November 2nd , 2013. 

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Recent shows:

2013 Performances


October 5th 2012 - DJ Wrong spun The Breakfast Club Sat AM brunch at Johnny Brenda's. Included was a wild set featuring the usual mayhem and a full hour + of 45 only mixing including all sorts of rare and wild covers (Poison Idea doing the Go-Gos "We Got the Beat" Henry Rollins and The Hard Ons doing AC/DC, and much, much more.    

September 28th 2012 - David Talento had a new multimedia painting and installation at the "All Along the Watchtower" group show at   

August 3rd - The Return of Tony Violence!!!! The original TV3 blasted through a sweaty set on the tiny stage of the EL Bar in Fishtown Philly for the dedicated. All the hits plus some new material dazzled and befuddled patrons and fans alike. David E Williams  then came in a cleaned up the mess with David Talento in tow on guitar and vox.

July 14th  - David Talento played Guitar, Feedback synthesizer, tambourine, and washboard in a set with David E Williams at Kung Fu Necktie opening forBestial Mouths, Hot Guts, David E. Williams, and Savage Relatives. Wacky, gothy, fun times were had by all.


2012 Performances


October 13th - David Talento played a power electronics set of noise/emusic for the Eris Temple Arts Presents a 2-artist Feature: "Another Another Green World" Installation by Ed Wilcox "End Times" Found Art Sculptures by Rebecca Waleski.  Also appearing were Temple of Bon Matin (Ed Wilcox with Kenny & Lora Bloom from Radio Eris), Color is Luxury (Charles Cohen), and Total System Failure (Vinnie Paternostro).

September 8th 2012  - David E Williams (with David Talento) played a set of Death inspired tunes for the Pterodactyl gallery's art show "It's your Funeral" in Prot Richmond. Also rocking was DV Nikt and some amazing art, essays, and patrons of the genu-u-wine Philly art scene. God help us but there is a video of the DEW wings cover "Live and let Die" on the youtube here:

February 24 - BIG rocking in Brooklyn NY as David E Williams with his keyboard and David Talento on Guitar and vox blasted through a set of rare older material such as "Me and My Girl", "The Oven" and newer arrangements of Hello Columbus and a few piano ditties.  Sold out show opening for Cut Hands at the Public Assembly in Sunny Willaimsburg Broolyn along with an illustrious line of other bands including Veiled, Pop1280, and Xeno&Oaklander.


January 6 - The first show of 2012 and not a minute too soon! David Talento played bass and sang backup for the David E. Williams Experience at the M Room. We opened for the awesome record release party and set by Radio Eris.



2011 Performances


December 2nd -  The Happy Helliday party was a Hell of a lot of fun. Noise, noise, unintentional noise, and more noise added to the industrial evening in a warehouse in Kensington Phila.  VJ David Talento added some serious video synthesis and a special accompaniment of live manipulated images to one of the sets.


November 12th -  The TESCO USA 10th year aniversary week concluded with the Philadelphia Dates of God Blast America featuring an awesome collection of live industrial and experimental bands, DJs, and movies. David Talento  provided video feedback and manipulated imagery for the DJs and some of the live bands.

October 21st - David Talento played the Discordia Party at the Tiburno Museum in West Philly debuting a new  8Bit music/live video synthesis multimedia show as well as singing and picking up Omnichord on the DEW set.   Also performing were Radio Eris, David E. Williams, and many others. Face painting, Halloween costumes, cans of PBR and the outdoor sculpture garden all added to the ambience of the evening.

April 23rd was an Evening of old-meets-new-meets-old as Long time Philadelphia ambient synth and noise improvisors David Talento and Charle Cohen appeared on the same bill at the delicate and deliciously underground Random Tea Room.  David revisited the sprirt and material he first performed as his project Music For Isolation Tanks which was the first time in over a decade some of those arrangements and instruments had been played live.Charles the virtuoso of the Buchla Music Easel brought the jams in an amazing beat oriented improvised set with circuit bender hair_loss as Color is Luxury.  

January 24th  was farewell and thanks for the conspiracy night to GERMBooks and gallery.  AD Amorosi and John C. Price invited GERMbooks fans and friend to celebrate and perform for the closing of founder Jennifer Bates and David E Williams' historical underground book store monday night at the National Mechanics. Appearing were Radio Eris, The Red Masque, and the Phila Tesla Society. David Talento ended the concert with an acoustic medley of David E Williams songs.



2010 Performances

November 1st - Marked the 2nd performance of the David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project now featuring HWP founder and general noisemeister David Talento on bass guitar.  Opening for the lengendary Legendary Pink Dots the set was a rockin' and reelin' at the M Room in sunny Fishtown.

Sept 3rd 2010, Artist John Malloy had a gallery opening and it was a first Friday to remember at Dave's Gallery and Persian Rug Store 108 North 2nd st in the heart of Olde City.  Sweeping the Noise Floor did a  live modular synth  which was then followed by a trio of Bass/Sitar-Guitar/Synth featuring memebers of Philadelphia Uber SpaceRok band Flower Girl.  

Saturday June 26th was a HWP Double header - First DJ Wrong had 900 emale skaters and their fans twisting by the pool  all day in the sun for the Philly Roller Girls East Coast Extravaganza. The sat night at GERM Books David Talento did special Sweeping the Noise Floor set as part of NoiseTrap! with notables such as Pharmacon, The Urge Within, and Sexual Assault Rifle.  Incredible show and a great day.


2009 Performances:


The final Overdrive Date Master Holiday Show was celebrated at GERM Books December 21st. A decent crowd was in attendence espeically give the white Christmas we had been given that weekend. Shots were fired and drank and Binky enjoyed the company and love of the fans. Also on the bill were Charles Cohen and Ed Wilcox who played an amazing set of free floating Jazz nuanced  Bleeps and Bangs. 


Overdrive Date Master at one of the bigger holiday shows @ the Rotunda West Philly somewhere early 2000s. From Left: Wayne Hamilton, David Talento, John Martin

DJ Wrong rocked the Roller Girls (who rocked back harder) at the All Women's Roller Derby Nationals November 13-15 2009 at the Philly Convention Center. Hundreds of fans from around the country came to the city if sisterly shove to see the ladies spin and bump it out. Good good times.

Author Ish Klein and friends did some puppetry of the pen and  David Talento debuted his newest electronic music mayhem.  Beat driven aggressive beauty mixed with ambient brainwaves to party under the skull and soul. All this and more went down at GermBooks, July 3rd.

Flower Girl rocked GERM Books and Gallery Friday September 5th, 2008.  There was fire but no smoke as the boys took two years of rehearsals out to the masses for a blowout spacerock extravaganza.

August 24th Tony Violence and Overdrive Date Master brushed off the cobwebs in their tube amps to celebrate the life and work of Philly's own beloved amp Guru John Martin. John passed away in May this year but is not forgotten. Local bands such as The Beloved Infidels, the Dipinto Guitars crew, and many, many more folks joined hands and hearts to fill the stage at Johnny Brenda's with Martone amps and joyous noises. 

Tony Violence jams with Wayne as a Green Martone looks on approvingly. 


Rock and Roll over baby as  DJ Wrong  once again cranked up the tunes and amped up the energy at the Philly Roller Girls double header match and pool party Saturday August 9th.  The Liberty Belles and Independance Dolls strutted their stuff big time in two very exciting matches. Check 'em out at

First Friday May 2nd, 2008  there was a weird Circuit bent electronic Musical performance by David Talento  to accompany the Photo Gallery Show by local artist   Lisa Sunshine   at  the High Wire Gallery on Frankford ave. A clicking, whirring, dancin' time was had by all.

Boil, Boil, Toil, and Trouble. With lots of Bubbles and Bleeps. Friday April 4th 2008 GERM bookstore hosted the CD release Party of Sweeping the Noise Floor's new cd Baseline.  A wonderful crowd, good, art, great times, and weird modular synth music ensued. Special thanks to artist Christopher Wilke, David E. Williams, and all the folks who wandered in and out adding to the moment.

Spin, Spandex, Spin - Saturday night March 15th DJ Wrong spun the dirty at the Philly Roller Girls official season opener.  Special songs for the special crowd flowed as ladies proved once again how they rule Philadelphia sports. Take THAT Eagles! Check out this action shot of the Broad Street Butchers warming up with the Famous DJ Wrong sign glowing in the background.

Credit: LoFi

Sat December 1st six esteemed Philadelphia musicians gathered at Germ Books and Gallery to ritually perform the Igni Natura Renovatur Integra: Closing Requiem Concert for Jennifer Bates' Art Show At GERM Books and Gallery. The artists were Jon Canady, Jerome Deppe, John Gibbons (Bardo Pond), Kennneth (Radio Eris), David Talento, David E. Williams and their sounds and spirits mixed quite well in this special one off tribute to GERM's founder the late Jennifer Bates. An audio recording of the event was made and may be released by GERM sometime in the near future. Thanks to all who attended. 

NEWS Flash:  A page dedicated to this event with pictures, video and audio is now up at:  Many thanks to the keepers of this flame.

Sunday November 11th marked the annual Northern Liberties Talent show and Tony Violence gave  aspecial solo performance of Goth Girl dedicated to the stripper in the green room. Much love to all.

Where can you play the Sex Pistols, White Zombie, and LOUD live Iggy Pop and join the crowd and atheletes screaming and dancing rather than getting kicked out of the DJ booth? Why The Philly Roller Girls gigs of course!DJWrong spun their doubleheader bout October 21st and got the Philly Rollers Girls treatment in return. It was a truly rocking time. Special thanks to Hymen Heaven, Vixen Van Go Go, Bobby Sandwich, and all the ladies and teams for making this our spin of the year.

DJWrong -  never says die and did another hipster wedding Sept 22nd. Don't forget you can book Wrong for your private or public adventures.

Tony Violence -  played Sept 7th for the FISHTASTICON III show. Special thanks to the Oil Slick Gang puppets and the whole PS lineup and artists.

David Talento   provided musical accompainment for the Philadelphia stop of a several-city reading tour dubbed "Underground Literary America." Underground Literary Alliance authors, Wred Fright and Crazy Carl Robinson at GERM Books spanking new store on Frankford ave July 18th. Beatniks were beaten but only in a good way.

DJWrong -  Spun Sunday Brunch at the Abbaye June 10th. Good good times.

DJWrong -  Had fun in the sun with at the PositiveSpace annual Arts and Crap sale May 5th in the town of Fish. Also rocking was Brendan Finney.

2007 Performances:

DJWrong -  spun a great sunday brunch at the Abbaey in northern Liberties November 12th and then that evening Tony Violence debuted a new harmonica and beatbox tune at the Northern Liberties talent show at Johnny Brendas in the town of Fish.

David Talento did a reading at GERM books for their event at the  215 Literary Festival titled "Readings from the Abyss" on Saturday October 7. For the curious he read an except from "We" by Zamiyatin along with other great performances by Jim Knipfel, Jon Cannady, Mr. Dead Guy, A.D. Amorosi and others.

Saturday September 9th the 2nd annual Positive Space  FISHTASTICON  V. II - was Fringe approved and successful. Performers included Proviso, Brenden Finney, and Tony Violence. The audience and bands had their hands full sparring with the Oil Slick Gang - Three foul-mouthed puppets doused in spilled oil - who held their own in keeping the joint jumpin'.

David Talento -  MC'd and played a live Acid techno set at the annual outdoor Art and Crap Sale May 9th. Also appearing were Brendan Finney and Bill Fields brining their amazing ambient electronics to the masses. A great time was had by all including those who bought the cool handmade glass turntable designs.

UPDATE:  The Live techno set played that weekend is now available on a limited edition full color cd David Talento - Acid 2006   for only $10!!
Order online from our Catalog.

DJ Wrong  spun his magic with a set of love songs for those who need them the most for the 3rd annual Valentine's Day Sunday brunch at the Abbaye Feb 12th. Despite a late start due to the snowstorm of the season it was the best party yet with twisted love songs running for almost five hours. HUGE thanks to the locals who came out for the snowball fights and fun and special thanks to David at the bar for supplying the warming hootch to keep the afternoon flowing.

2006 Performances:

Muscle Factory   rocked the Big Bad Mustache party at the Barbary Friday Nov 4th. The usual insanity ensued with some added bonus material as well as two! versions of "the Spotter". What a crowd, what a crowd!!! Thanks to Richard and his mullet and all the 70s hair for making it a magical night.

Monday Oct 10th was the 2ndGERM Books and Gallery   awareness night at Bar Noir. There was a bigger crowd that the first which means the GERM is spreading.  Opening the show was a rare full solo set by Tony Violence   (with special emphasis on Goth Girl for the crowd)  folowed  with a great performance  by David E Williams (doing a special duet with Olivia Neutron Bomb) and Oniric Empiruim brough the haus down by midnight.  Thank yous A.D Amorosi and all who were there!

Wednesday Sept 14th  David Talento    performed  at the Fringe Festival late Night Cabaret unveiling a new multimedia avant/guitar piece composed especially for the Fringe 2005. Also the movie The Peryton   was shown to rousing response well as other VERY late night Fringe mayhem including Needles Jones as the MC,  a rocking slimmed down band of the Str8 Razors, and a lovely Southern belle playing metal covers on a Ukelele with some ..extra surpirses. A good and dirty time was had by all.

Tony Violence and David Talento   performed at the Binge festival August 19th at Tritone.  Out of tune and in yo face a good time was had by all.

Muscle Factory   played a beyond sold out hot and sweaty gig at Silk City July 28th. Sorry to the fans who were turned away. We'll be back  and pumping with a fervor soon.

DJ Wrong   spun a tasty brunch at the Abbaey in Northern Liberties Sunday June 26th. Highlights included more insane mixing (from Monster Magnet to Lucinda Williams to  Ray Charles to Magic Slim to Belly to... well you get the idea). Lots of mellow acoustic, rocking indie rage, and just plaing GOOD music. Special thanks for the request of the Chimunks doing a cover of The Knack's  "Good Girls Don't".

Muscle Factory pumped its way into everyones hearts Sat June 25 at the Manhattan Grille in Fishtown lifting a sweaty hot summer night to new cool heights. Also appearing was a smoking set from Hydogen Jukebox.

FISHTASTICON the PositiveSpace Arts extravaganza was an amazing success. Held Saturday June 18th, there was new Art on the walls, four AMAZING and totally different bands, and great live video/visual art which made for a diverse and entertaining evening for all. Performers included   David E. Williams , an ambient guitar set by David Talento , classical/acoustic mavens Pro Viso, and the live sonic and thought mayhem of Parasite Milita.  Waiting For Cable provided the eye candy.

Sat April 23rd was a blow out night for The Peryton  cast and crew. In pouring rain we had a SRO screening of the film and other 48 Hour movies from this year's festival at Blue In Green. DJ Wrong and Sean Gallager spun the tunes and a good time was had by all.

Monday March 28th  DJ Wrong, David E Williams, and Angel of Decay celebrated Philadelphia's Finest Independent Bookstore, GERM Books and Gallery on GERM Awareness Night at Bar Noir. Live sets were so amazing the sound system gave out and then was revived and Svengali A.D. Amorsi oversaw all while GERM offered screenings of post apolapytic films such as "The Omega Man" and "The Night Porter". An incredible time was had by all.

DJ Wrong Spun his 2nd Annual "Music For Lovers (and Everyone Else)" Valentine's Day set at the Abbaey June 13th. A partial set list of the songs of love  has been posted HERE.  Enjoy :)

The annual Overdrive Date Master Holiday Show was held on a rocking and freezing monday night at Tritone (Jan 17th) and went amazingly well. Also playing was YETI not to be missed in future shows for (among other things) the life size YETI suit worn by their lead singer/guitarist which..well... ROCKED.

2005 Performances:

The first  LoFi Photography exhibition was held at GERM Books and Gallery the entire month of November. There was a great crowd at the opening reception and plenty of people stopped by throughout the month. Many thanks to Jennifer Bates of GERM. Check out the Exhibit web page here.

David Talento debuted his first multi-media film/music project at the 2004 Fringe/Live Arts festival on Sept 15th.
Joining him onstage was be Rebbcca Sloan of the Bald Memaids. Special thanks to the Fringe team and crew who helped put it all together for the performance. The piece went incredibly well and will undoubtaly work it way into being completed as a film short and released sometime in 2005.

DJ Wrong   spun some fun June 27th at The Abbey with a special set of lots of Ray Charles.  Somehow a coherent transition from Louis Prima to Devo was made in four songs.  Good times and thanks to all that showed up.

Another killer show with Muscle Factory and Wastoid  @ Silk City went down May 29th. Special thanks to the exceptional sound guy who made both bands sound as amazing as they really can be.

May 1st DJ Wrong spun a pretty offensive set of disco/swing/and spoken word with some industrial and piano music thrown in for residents fo the bi anual Fishtown Art's a Crap sale. Thanks to Bill and all at Postiviespace for having the Cojones to ask for it.

Muscle Factory and Wastoid  played a sold out show at Silk City  Saturday, March 20th. A hard rocking and lifting time was had by all with the best audience participation yet. We'll be doing it again soon!

Sunday Feb 15th  DJ Wrong   spun a post VD Sunday brunch set of eclectic jazz,  blues, pop, and of course local bands at The Abbey restaurant in North Liberties. The Eggs benedict and Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits bootlegs, and unreleased and bootleg local talent flowed freely.

2004 Performances:

December 27th  Muscle Factory    slammed the underground  playing a gig with  Cobra Man (featuring Shawn Kilroy   and Boyd of London as the stage band) at  the Artists at Work warehouse the Saturday after Christmas in Northern Liberties.  (See below Picture) What a way to blow out the new year. Thanks to everyone who shouted out and set a stage record for the number of audience lifters and workout champs.

Go Tom GO!!!!!

December 10th,  Muscle Factory played an INSANE wild party with Need New Body on the boarder of Fishtown and Northern Liberties. Marc Brodzik's   film crew was there to capture the mayhem. This was a full return to the original slap and pump MF style: raw, muscular, and full of great fans. Thanks to everyone who came and helped the band lift.

November 14th, a  crisp Friday night at Tritone,  brought the fatihful a great show featuring  Virgil Avery   , Tony Violence   ,  and Plastron. The eclectic mix of bands  showed there still is a good time to be had for those who are adventurous in their bookings. Thanks to those who came and especially for the free cigarette.

Sunday October 26th was a busy afternoon and evening for HWP founder David Talento .  From 2-6 PM the Rotunda offered it's 2nd annual interactive "Plugged In" show which featured a number of local electronic wizards giving demos and having the audience come up and play with interesting and entertaining Gizmos such as the Zeitron .  Sunday evening was the Halloween Salon presented by Andrea Clearfield which featured classical compostitions in addition to folk, gospel, and to add some chaos to the event a L.I.F.E. preformance.

On Saturday October 4th  Muscle Factory played the Khyber Pass. Sweat poured, mayhem ensued, chaos reigned and fans got the famous Speedo salute by the end of the set. Thanks to all who came. We promise to hit "The Spotter" next gig. Check out the Muscle Factory web page for a live except from the band introductions of this gig.

On Sept 6th and 7thDavid Talento   performed a double  bill of underground music and video for the 2003 Fringe Festival.  Titled Guitar/Not Guitar  this show  featured live ambient loops and processed guitar synthesizer. Also appearing were LoVID from NYC who did a great set of live video manipulation and oscillating music and images.

Thursday August 21st  ROCK HARD Muscle Factory grunted their way through their best set yet with the audience jumping in and lifting to pump up the jams. Despite a looming curse of bass Drums 1929 and Helio Creed also were on hand to deliver the Space rock the crowd needed.

Local madman Darren Finzio ressurected Muscle Factory for a sold out show at Tritone in Feb 2003. David Talento sat in on modular synthesizer, weight lifting samples, and too small tank top while the boys plowed though a set of tight hard rock and workout roll. Also appearing  was Need New Body who blew what was left of the place away.

The 5th annual Overdrive Date Master Holiday Show   went off at the Rotunda  on Jan 17th this year. Also appearing was the Great Quentini.

The Steve Phoneix Band, Killroy, and DJ Wrong played Silk City Jan 6th for a rock and roll coochie coo that would have made your mama proud. As it was it made us proud. look for varitions of this all star lineup on new HWP releases in 2003.

On Sunday November 17th   the Rotunda hosted the first Philadelphia Children's Electronic Workshop. Families and kids of all ages were treated to various workstations where they could tweak, twiddle, bang, and swack instruments ranging from vintage modular synthesizers to amplified drum heads and homebrew motion senstive midi controllers. the event featured local electronic gurus David Talento and  Steven Zeitler as well as Canadian  improvisors Jeff Allport and Tim  Olive. A noisy and good time was had by all.

Monday Sept 9th  David Talento hosted the Fringe late night cabaret  spinning a full set as DJ Wrong  In addition to playing a short set as Tony Violence. Hats off to the Fringe Crew and masochistic audience members who stayed with the show on a late Monday night, it was fun!

A dual bill at the 2002 Fringe Festival featuring  David Talento and Douglas Ovens played two shows on    August 31st and Sept. 2, both shows were well attended and of course. Daive performed his handheld music set featuring the nanollop gameboy synthesizer and's beatpad software while Doug played a wonderufl set of experimental marimba and malletkat midi controllers.

DJ Wrong spun a full evening of his brand of  anti-DJ turntablism May 12th at Tritone. Everything from Dixieland Jazz to Eastern Bloc Techno to William Shatner's original infamous and haunted recordings were prominetly displayed. Thanks to those who came out and dug recognized the obcures SWEET tracks.

David Talento (HWP founder and the guy typing this) performed a special live Handheld Music set at the Society for Electro Acoustic Music in the US (aka SEAMUS ) conference in Iowa City on Friday April 5, 2002 at Gabe's Oasis 330 E Washington Iowa City.  It went WONDERFUL  thanks to Kent Williams of Corn Warning, the other musicians (Bill Van Loo WRAITH and DJ KAO JYAN), the  audience, and the bald barteneder who gave good chat and free shots.

DJ Wrong and Tony Violence played at a  private party at BASH nightclub for  the Art Director's Club of Philadelphia's annual membership party on  Feb 22nd 2002. also appearing were the fabulous Bald Mermaids and the Great Quentini. The reception was warm and the DJ Set got rave reviews from the other artisits so that's all we ask.

Overdrive Date Master played two different shows back to back in December. the Frist was the album release party for thier new Phone call message machine inspired EP  "Chicken City Road" on Dec 13th at Tritone. the Following evening the ODM holiday trio played their annual turntable perversion at the Dec 14th Gateway to Moonbase Alpha concert.

Thanksgiving eve (Nov 21st 2001) David Talento debuted his palm pilot improvisational sequencing setup for a live show at the The Project Room 960 N 8th St in  Phila PA.  Opening for the 4th Dimension and the Centimeters from Ca.  a good groovy time was had by all.

Music For Isolation Tanks at the Fringe Festival. MFIT played two wonderful outdoor shows at the 2001 Fringe Festival September 5 and 15th. Both shows went ahead smoothly and with ther best techincal and professional assitance we have ever been treated to. Kudos to the Fringe team for making these MFIT shows a true joy to play. (Keep your eyes peeled for new tracks and a possible CD release of some of these performances!)

Tony Violence unleased some new songs in a solo set September 9th and proudly brough out the new and improved Tony Violence Trio Sept 14th for two short sets at the Fringe Festival Cabaret. The definitive recording of "The Drunken Forgetful Whore" is now available for download at Http://  check it out!

Friday March 9th the Tony Violence Trio performed Side Project? What Side Project? -An evening of Indie Song Writers featuring: Steve Phoenix and Friends (aka Wayne Hamilton of Vibrolux, Suffcox, Floating Dogs, etc etc), The Tony Violence Trio (aka David Talento of Music For Isolation Tanks, etc and David E. Williams), and Stunt Girl (aka Beth Case of She-Ha). A good time was had by all.

Wednesday February 21st,  2001 Tryptic was held at Silk City in Philadelphia.  Overdrive Date Master performed with Dev79,  Murcury, EDK, and video art was supplied by Josh Kline.  Gina and gair put it together and it rocked in an avant noise, electronic with some DJs sort of way.

Thursday February 15th 2001 marks the live Philadelphia debut of the Tony Violence Trio,  featuring David E Williams on keyboards playing new arrangements of classic TV songs and stories. the show was helf at Eden Roc for the  Philadelphia Art Director's Guild and despite techinical difficulties (is there any club with a working $#@in microphone in this town??) things were fun and lose. Also appearing were various arists form Arrakis records a philadlephia Hip hop label and the highlight was an appearence by  belly dancer Nadja Samiya who did her fire dance while the TV3 played as her backup band.

Nadja shakes it all night long while Tony and Mr. Williams keep the Middle Eastern beat...

Friday Feb. 2nd, 2001  Tony Violence performed opening a show on First Friday at the Upside Down Cafe in Olde City. Also performing were Dev79, Adam Field, and an electronic jam session around with Charles Cohen , David Talento, and Dev 79.

Overdrive Date Master   performed  their annual Christmas Show at the December 2000 Gateway to Moonbase Alpha concert on 12/15/2000. This annual ODM show brought out dueling turntables stocked with Flea Market records, John Martin on heavily processed electric mandolin, Binky the wonder chimp on remote controlled percussion and "vocals", and  many more heavy duty surprises including the concert debut of the new ODM Doubleneck bass/guitar. There is one pic already on the Christmas Show   link.  Thanks to everyone at the Phila. Ambient consortium and the other bands and staff who made it so much fun.

On Friday November 10th,  2000  Music For Isolation Tanks   performed a two hour retrospective of all the styles it has mutated through the past ten years at the Border's bookstore in the Whitehall Mall in Allentown PA. The performance went extremely well there are two free 15 minute MP3s up on the samples page.

The FRINGE 2000   featured three evenings of performances based around David Talento's new CD The L.I.F.E. Album   on the Ethereal outdoor stage Sept 9th,10th, and 16th in Olde City Philadelphia. This was the first multi-media/musical performance put  together by HWP and it was very well attended and shocking well received. Thanks to the Fringe staff and all the people who showed up.

As Surreal as it sounds HWP founder David Talento played a two hour avant/electronic set as part of a Children's party from 10 PM to midnight Friday July 7th at Border's Bookstore in Allentown PA The performance was part of the celebration for the fouth book in the children's Harry Potter series. Hundreds of children and parents stopped by the "Music Machine" to twiddle joysticks and turns knobs controlling a modular synthesizer and pitch shifting tape recorder. A great time was had by all.

Music For Isolation Tanks  performed a live set of electronic/avant nonsense as part of  the Big Mess Cabaret's evening on both June 23rd and June 24th. MFIT closed the show upstairs at the Balcony around 1:30 AM sending a small audience out into the night a bit more confused that when they came in.

David Talento did a short solo set  as part of the Steve Phoenix roadshow at Bob and Barbara's in May. Also appear were the Parameciums, Wayne Hamilton, Shawn Kilroy, and others. A sloppy, ugly  time  was had by all.

HWP Founder David Talento performed an acoustic show at Bob and Barbara's Jazz lounge on Tuesday January 18th along with  Virgil Avery and an acoustic set by alternative rockers Aitch.

Music For Isolation Tanks performed on December 17th as part of the Gate to Moon Base Alpha series sponsered by the Philly Ambient Consortium . Also appearing were Chuck Van Zyle's The Ministry of Inside Things and an amazing performance by Saul Stokes.

The Fringe Festival '99 premiere of Night Nurse at the Fresh Ears/New Hearing new composer's evening went over gangbusters on Friday September 17th @ St. George's Church in Olde City. A great evening of music and art was had by all. Special thanks to David E. Williams for providing the appropriate Goth String quartet. Visit David's own great web site by clicking here. DEW

Tues Sept 7th. Overdrive Date Master played an early night out at the Khyber Pass. thsi show featured special guest John Martin on electric processed mandolin and the audience brought a pup tent and ten foot Burmese Python out to enjoy the show. Thanks kids!

Thurs Sept 2nd. Fresh on the heels of his solo Bob and Barbara's acoustic gig , David Talento played at an evening of twisted anti-singer songwriters including phily scensters Paul Henry and Adam Brodsky Upstairs at Nicks.

Overdrive Date Master played the Chicago Neu Muzik Summit.July 10th and 11th. GREAT Time. Thanks to all at Kultbox!

The TRUE stars of the show...

David Talento played a solo acoustic set with Decontrol singer Paul Henry at the wonderful Bob and Barbara's Jazz Lounge on Tuesday August 10. Nice write up by A.D. Amorosi in the City Paper and the joint was jumpin'! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Here are some excellent links to calendars and musicians who can be found challenging and pushing the limits of music. Visit them frequently.

Charles Cohen and Straylight contantly perform on the East Coast.
NGC-1275 plays and mutates space all the time.
DJ Spacling's
Ambient and Noise Consortium keeps track of all the music and noise fit to hear. Visit this site for info and listings on everyone from the classical Relache Ensemble to DJ John Shenk's ambient workouts.

Email For more information on live performances.

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