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Additions to the Help Wanted Productions Web pages:

Summer 2013 -   Updates have been lacking from this page as most activity has been going on in out other sites including the Bandcamp and DAEDSound.com pages. But as new releases are coming out we'll be updating the band pages and more back here on good Ol' HelpWantedProductions.com

Super exciting news is most streaming and downloads have been added to the HWP Catalog Page including the new Sweeping the Noise Floor album (and that band page is the first to get a facelift and update so check it out here

Other new releases include the new band MegoDETH a hardbeat/glitch/8bit techno monster (check out the first single "Speak and Hell" ) and a slew of unreleased tracks and live material by Music For Isolation Tanks and Altruistic Suicide including a long lost ambient concert and the final Altruistic Suicide opus "Inside Out" now in high quality straming and download.


Fall 2011 -   BIG NEWS!!  We now have a new download site where sales of most of the Help Wanted Productions back catalog will be available.

Yes folks, technology has finally caught up and thanks to Bandcamp.com we can offer many of our previously limited or out of print CDs and  unreleased live sets at VERY inexpensive prices.

The Initial  releases will be older CDs which we no longer manufacture.  Some hard copy CDs with original graphics, etc will still be available from the HWP catalog but the majority of this material is now digitally remastered and available for Download in FLAC, MP3, or any format at any bit rate you may wish. 

Individual songs are available as well as complete EPs and Albums and everything is CHEAP with songs and albums at set minimal or a name your own price option.

So without Further ado the new page is up at:  http://davidtalento.bandcamp.com/

Please visit often, stream full tracks for free, and pick up whatever tickles your fancy.

Also out the LIVE  page for a great upcoming Halloweenish show with David Talento doing a live video synthesis and glitch set among other things.  DAEDsound.com moves into space with the new Mini FeedBack Synth and more tracks and synth geek stuff going on on the http://synthandi.blogspot.com/  pages. 


Spring - Summer 2011:   So much going on.  See our LIVE Shows page for recent concerts and updates.  HWP founder David Talento has started a new blog on Synthesizers and other Electronic music tools which is initially featuring his excursions in using a Buchla 200e modular synth.  We  also added a Soundcloud page for DAEDSound.com audio demos as well as sounds for the blog which can be found at: http://synthandi.blogspot.com/

Some interesting custom items made for DAEDSound.com customers can be found here .

Winter  2011 HWP Founder David Talento is now showcasing wares at Dylan Gallery in the Piazza on North 2nd St Phila PA under the DAEDSOUND.com moniker. You can view and purchase handmade gEARings, Recycled and replenished computer and PCB clocks, and original flashing paintings and more.  Unique designs such as this XBOX lamp are available direct from us. EMAIL for more information, prices, and availability.




GONZO!  We lost a few months of updates but are back now in 2011.  Concerts were played, noise was made, and DAEDSound.com rocked harder with both instruments and art.  HWP founder David Talento  is now, among other things, playing bass in the David E Williams live Ensemble Experience Project. Rock and keep up with us as we roll along...

June 2010 -  TWO performaces this month.  Both on the same day (of course).  DJ Wrong spins for the women's Roller Derby East Coast Extravaganza 12-4PM by the beautiful pool at the rink in Feasterville  Sat June 26th and then that evening @7PM  Sweeping the Noise Floor  plays a fresh set at GERM Books.  Meanwhile DAEDSound.com is adding new videos on the HWP youtube page weekly. Check 'em out!

May 2010 - New page on DAEDSound.com  of Circuit bent toys and instruments for sale. Soon to come: Jewelery!!! Visit DAED Handmade !  Also a live show booked for July. Stay tuned for details. Finally new demo Videos on our Youtube page of custom pieces and more...

 April 2010 -  A little reorganization of our Catalog going on and we updated our paypal system.  Buy CDs Online  by Sweeping the Noise Floor, David Talento, Music For Isolation Tanks, and more!

March 2010 -  DAEDSound.com  now contains the Vintage Synth ForSale page.  Buy  Vintage and unusual Synths, drum machines, analog effects, and more.

February 2010 - Mad buiding in the HWP Lab.  Synth modules, pedals, and gizmos galore which we hope to debut on DAED soon.

Jan 2010 -  Official NEW DAED site is UP!  Http://DAEDSound.com

December 2009 - The Final ODM holiday show takes place this month! [Update: See pics! Photo credit: Tiffany Yoon ]



November - 2009 - More DIY work brewing in the lab. Some instruments will be unveiled at the upcoming show.

October 2009 -  Updates to the DAED products page with a new full page on the DAED Feedback Synthesizer now for sale.

September 2009 - A new song by David Talento "Crisis Mountain: is featured on the Serge Users Group all modular synth CD now available at :http://resipiscent.com/artist/view/21

August 2009 -  We have lost the heart and soul of ODM and the music is a lot quieter in the Universe today. RIP Wayne Hamilton (1965-2009).


There is a Facebook page with pictures and comments about Wayne's music and Life.

Please Visit:  Remembering Wayne Hamilton

A new music page is up and I'll be adding more vintage recordings as they flow in. For now the Live EP by his short lived band YETI is up for free download




July 2009   - Gig @ GERM went great (thanks for the puppetry Ish!).  The new DAED Feedback synthesizer is now available for order. Full info HERE :

May 2009 - Ok, ok we're behind again in posting here. But we ARE keeping busy. An upcoming beat driven musik show @ GERM on July 3rd is coming up.  There is a new DAED product the FEEDBACK SYNTHESIZER.  And there is a new permanent For Sale Page with info on all DAED products as well as other vintage synthesizers, equipment, and circuit bent monstrosities.

March 2009 - More work in the lab which has fulfilled a few new orders for both DAED distrubos and Juicy Wah pedals. many thanks to our patrons and fans who have bought and wrote us with their experiences and enjoyment. A new product in the works is the DAED Atari 2600 Punk Console. Baed on the APC circuit of Forest Mims the DAED version include an audio out and is built into an actual Atari 2600 cartridge which has been recycled. Don't worry we keep the actual Cart board and play the games too.  These are for sale. EMAIL for info.

Video online at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcmw-ezhkMU&feature=channel_page

Dig the DAED Atari 2600 Punk Console!



January/February 2009 -  We have finished our first official custom Synthesizer modules. The front panels and layout are generically based on the Cyndustries/Modcan design with a few unique to DAED tweaks.   See the first creations of our twisted synth offspring based on designs by fH, CGS, and Frtiz here:

December 2008 - HWP rang out the old year and rang in the new with lots of sounds and smoke bubbling from the workshop. New pedal modifications; Hell, new pedals build from scratch!) were created and put together. Look for the first DAED original pedal sometime in mid 2009. In addition to the stompbox world we have been working on external processors, more circuit bent weirdness, and modules for the ever growing HWP wall  "la bete".  New recordings, live shows, and more surprises in the works. THanks to all who supported HWP and DAED in 2008 and see you all as 2009 rolls on!

November 2008  -  Official unveiling of the DAED line of  Disturbo DS1 pedal modifictions as well as circuit bent instruments. Also a new modification to the dunlop Crybaby pedal the DAED "Juicy Wah". new demo videos up at our revamped youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/legionhwp

Demo of DAED Disturbo DS1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eUQOCOnJWY

September 2008 - October 2008 -  In studio doing some serious circuit bending and modular madness.

August 2008 - More live shows including the return of OverDrive Date Master to the stage for the John Martin Tribute show @ Johnny Brendas. July 2008 - The DAED  circuit bent company Web site continues to grow now with samples, more pictures, and our productions model of the Daed Disturbo DS-1 stompbox. This is not your bandmate's Boss pedal, Mate This is an over-the-top freaknoise experimenter's dream. Throbbing synthlike undertones, screeching howler-monkey-in-a-high-speed-blender highs, ringmoddish fuzz and more. Oh yeah, and a DAED Orange LED .

Usable on guitar the Disturbo DS-1 Shines with external processing of signals (drummachines, loops, etc). Mods include: Orgasm Oscillator, Paint Thinner, and ThickHotSauce. Visit the DAED For Sale page for details and ordering information.


June 2008 - It's Here! Disturbing Auditory Experience Designs - DAED  is now open!! Our first product is a series of modiications for the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal which turns this midl manners common pedal  into an  processing Monster!  Ultra Fuzz, Brittle breakup, freakazoid theremin oscilation are all now yours. Supply your own pedal for by a fully completed one from DAED.  The DAED Bass Theremin and modifications to Speak and Spells and other items are available as well.  Visit the DAED pages HERE for full infomation!

May 2008 -  Another First Friday gig this time at Highwire gallery on the new Frankford Avenue Arts corridor. David Talento  will be playing mutated music using a plethora of circuit bent instruments, beatboxes, and weird lobit synthesizers. Announcement of our new company coming up next month!

April 2008 -  HWP has started preparing a number of gigs as well as new products. The circuit bending studio is over flowing and soon we will make some of these creatures available for sale locally and on-line. Look for the new division of HWP to announce itself shortly. Also  there was an album release partyfor the new Sweeping the Noise Floor CD at GERM books and Gallery  which was recorded for future release. The Cd is availbale from CDbaby online here:   Http://cdbaby.com/cd/sweepingnoisefloor

March 2008- 2008 came so fast we haven't even updated the site. however HWP has been quite busy. Here are some highlights:

1. New links and unusal instruments added to the various pages here. more to come as we clean up dead links and add exciting new circuit bending and other things.

2. The new Sweeping the Noise Floor studio album, Baseline,is now OUT and forsale. Go here to buy the CD, individual MP3 downloads, or download the ENTIRE album as MP3 at a reduced price: http://cdbaby.com/cd/sweepingnoisefloor

3. More roller Girls DJ Wrong gigs lined up (March 15 and a Pool party this summer in August!!. Also an album release party and concert for Sweeping the Noise Floor at GERM Books first Friday in April. Check the LIVE page for details. 

December 2007- Lots going on as 2007 draws to a close. The new Sweeping the Noise Floor studio album, Baseline, is being released and will be available on CDbaby as well as here at HWP next month. The GERM performance on Dec 1st was recorded and will be available at some later date (see the live concerts page for details on this show), and David Talento is releasing his line of electronic/mechanical Jewerly and nick nacks on Dec 8th starting with a show at the Standard Tap. Finally, David had a cameo on Woodshop Films latest Internet TV show "Ultra Niche". The episode was hosted by none other than Wang Newton and is available for viewing and download here .

November- What the %^$#@? We've been updating the live and other pages and seem to have overwritten this one again with an old copy. SO much has gone on since the last entry. DJ Wrong, Tony V, have been out and about and David Talento did some solo work and improv. Check the LIVE music page for past and future concerts. There are now nine Demos and video on the LegionHWP YouTube page and tons of stuff on the David Talento Myspace page. New pictures in our HWP Photo Gallery and a whole new section of Circuit Bending and Experimental sound links on the Links page.

September - Some shows popping up and LOTS of circuit bending and odd art in the studio. The very first HWP instrument, the Chopper Oscillator, is in prototype mode. Check it out on this page and send us an email to let us know what you think.

August - Due to spam we have had to change our email address. All contact can now be made through: LegionHWP@gmail.com.  In other news our first short video is up on YouTube. you can find it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GlM_Oqiexk . There will be a live Modular synth performance Sept 9th for the second annual FISHTASTICON event at the M Room on Girard Ave. Stay tuned for details.

July 2006 - Plans for a web site overhaul underway. The catalog will be slimmed down and new links put up including more photography which will be framed and available for sale this year.  See some current pic taken at a recent electronic music concert here: Http://www.HelpWantedProductions.com/P909/P909.htm

June 2006 - New live album "Acid 2006" coming out in limited editiion of 25 shocking pink full color cds. Also see what Overdrive Date Master has been up to:

May 2006 - DJ Wrong   and  David Talento   played an outdoor set at the Positivespace Arts and Crap sale Sat May 6th along with Brenden Finney and Bill Fields who both did amazing live ambient sets. This was a rare live minimal acid set by David a short excerpt is available online  here. If you like it email, perhaps we'll release the whole set on an EP in the near future.

Feb 2006 - DJ Wrong spun a killer show at the Abbaye Feb 12th. The new Sweeping the Noise Floor  album is almost completed and a new spacerock band, Flower Girl,  featuring  David Talento on keyboards and tape loops is getting ready to come out of the rehearsal studio and start booking shows.

Finally there are updates to the LoFi Photo directories including all new  pages featuring Casio Watch photos of the recent DALI exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and screen grabs of one of the live performance videos created at HWP for a Fringe Festival 2005 performance. Hmmm looks like we lost few months of update information. It has been up here but the file seems missing.  We'll try to recreate it down the road but picking up...

Jan 2006 - (almost!)  Update to the Paintings page giving a bit more insight into the progress and plain mess of most of the works begun and finished in 2005.


Dec 2005 - Fresh on the heels of a sucessful Muscle Factory gig in Nov for the Big Bad Mustache party MF is back in the gym for now. OverDrive Date Master will NOT being doing their annual holiday show due to other commitments with wind-up monkeys. If you want to change this have someone Contact us and we'll reschedule. I always liked the idea of Christmas in July anyway.

There is a lot of new stuff coming next year including a new full length Sweeping the Noise Floor  album and a new band Effector. Keep your ears peeled.

The 48 Hour Film Festival was held April 8-10th and the Das Kluge Chimp Team camped out at HWP studios for the weekend filming, editing,  grabbing food and sleep when they could.  It paid off as our short horror  film "The Peryton" won the conveted Best Picture award for the festival and will now go on to be featured on the 2005 International DVD as well as be entered in further 48 Hour competition.

A new  website is growing at http://www.theperyton.com/  which will feature biographies of the crew, info on the making of the film, behind the scene stills and outtakes, and HWP's very own home movies taken while filming and delivering the final tape to the judges (complete with Yeti suit, wrong way driving, Cruel Aryan Girl, and more).  Participating as part of Das Kluge Chimp were indie rocker Wayne Hamiltion and Film Paramour
Chirstine Risley as co-Director/Producers and David Talento did the music and sound design. Congratulations Chimps!!!

July 2005 - Big  Muscle Factory show July 28th at Silk City booked.

June 2005 -  Lots of live shows. New Guitar/Not Guitar studio material recorded. Updates to the Paintings page.

May 2005 - MAJOR shows booked for June. Check the Listings page for dates and times.

April 2005 - The 48 Hour Film festival takes place and a few HWP folks will be participating as part of Das Kluge Chimp team. Showings at International House at Penn 9:15 Tuesday April 12th.

March 2004-  DJ Wrong, David E. Williams, and Angelo of Decay will be playing a special GERM Awareness night with Citypaper's AD Amorsi at Bar Noir.

January 2005 -  HWP ushers in the new year with the annual Overdrive Date Master   holiday show at Tritone. Also appearing with be Yeti the new rocking spacerock band in town.


November  2004 -   Lofi Photography show and reception a  huge success!! See pictures of  the exhibit and download  the press release and Artist's statement here: Http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/foto/show/GERMshow.htm

September 2004 - Cleaning up website. Removing old pages and updating current ones. MFIT continues recording and the first LoFi Photography solo exhibition is set for November at GERM!!

August 2004 - New drawing sent in by a fan for the Muscle Factory Fanmail page.  Updates to the LoFi Photo directory. Links to GERM Books and Gallery  which will open in Sept.

July 2004 - New Music For Isolation Tanks track rotated to the Samples page.  A new track will be featured on the upcoming  Positive Space CD which is all covers on the song "You Can't Get to Heaven on the Frankford El".

June 2004 - One DJ Wrong gig down in June and more behind the scenes work. The Darren Finzio solo album moves forward for a fall release (if not sooner!) .

May 2004 -  Two new LoFi photograpy galleries are in the Kodak Palmpix  pages.

Recording underway for the first studio Music For Isolation Tanks album in years.  Fans will note there are a lot of live sets but precious few studio recordings. Thanks to new technology which allows us to incorporate a lot of the OLD technology work is underway for the new full length tenatively titled "Return to Exile".  (The original debut full length by MFIT is still available as a reduced price cassette or CD in the online catalog.)   We'll be periodically placing new tracks in progress up on the Download  page so check there for some free sneek peeks.

April 2004 - This is press month! First the Philadelphia Weekly did a cover article on Darren Finzio   and now Blender Magazine put in a paragraph on Muscle Factory    in their national "weird  band alert" column. Also check out the new Darren web page with information on many of his bands from Dyke to the Open Minded Men at:  http://www.darren.150m.com/
Look for songs from these bands and more on the upcoming HWP release "Idenity Music Volume I".

March  2004 - The  Muscle Factory   page has some new pictures up.  There is a new Darren Finzio web page (under construction) and soon Help Wanted Productions will be releasing the long awaited Darren Finzio solo ablum (part I).

February  2004 -   Revamped Catalog page   now with FULL online ordering and shopping cart . Try it out!!

January  2004 - Some tidying up on the site and added Guitar/Not Guitar Ep from David Talento to Catalog.


December  2003 -   Added new CD and artits Kilroy. Debut CD The Neon gate avilable now!

November 2003 -   New LoFi Photo galleries have been put up

The second Gameboy camera photo gallery is  Here.
The second Casio Wrist camera gallery is

Also a  Fan Mail   page is now up featureing things sent in by fans of the band Muscle Factory    Go here to  Lift With US !.

Oct 2003 -  The  Overdrive Date Master   track Flight 9000 was featured as a Halloween treat on a page dedicated to music for the scary mood. Check it out here.

The  MUSCLE FACTORY   web page has been updated with a live excerpt of a Band intro from the notorious Khyber pass gig.  Look for more updates and changes to the Bands page as we introduce some new musicians and CDs.

September 2003 - The Fringe 2003 festival yielded some great shows. Check the LIVE  page for updates.  Some picutres are scattered around the site. Bonus points if you can find them.

August 2003 -  A new page of local performance/rock band MUSCLE FACTORY is now up including a downloadable real Media Rock video "The Spotter" . Check out the LIVE page for upcoming shows.

June 2003 - More reworking and updates. The Links page is now current with  fresh new sites and updated links.  Visit this page for more electronic music resources as well as links to other artist and company websites.

May 2003 -  Revamped a few of the pages with new picture and reorganized our online catalog in anticipation of some great upcoming releases.  Added more free MP3s for download on the  Samples  page as well. Enjoy!

April 2003  -  More MP3s are up on the Samples page. In addition we're in the process of hopefully distributing a few exciting indie Philly bands (more on that soon!).  Look for a new bio page soon as well.

March 2003 -  We moved!! After years at our old location we now have a new studio and base of operations. Along with this is a new PO Box as well. New mailing address is Help Wanted Productions PO Box 39808 Phila Pa 19106. Drop  us a line sometime!

There are also new MP3s up fomr some classic and new HWP CDs on  the  Samples page.  Enjoy!

February 2003 -  Good news and bad news. The good news is we have just added three new CDs to the catalog.  The bad news is MP3.com has once agian changed their format and decided to delete most of the tracks we had available for free download and streaming. So, while we regroup and reorganize grab what you can from those old  MP3.com links and enjoy our  Samples page which will now be growing by leaps and bounds.

In other good news the HWP  Roland  Analog Guitar Synth web page was updated with new links and a new MP3 of the GR300 guitar synth being played live from the upcoming Guitar/ Not Guitar  live performance by David Talento

Jan 2003 -  A lot has been going on behind the scenes as well as onstage. In Jan. ODM played their 5th annual Holiday Concert, DJ Wrong spun at Silk City, and David Talento joined local performance based workout band Muscle Factory for a hugely sucessful show at Tritone. In addition there are three (count 'em) new CDs to be released next month. Keep an eye out here for more information.

October 2002 -   A new 30 minute MP3 of the Handheld music performance in 8/2002 is now up on the Samples page. This is the entire concert and is a large (approx 12 MG) file. Enjoy

September 2002 - Good lord why do we even have a "new" page if we never update it here? Well,  the site has changed but this page HAS been neglected.  That doesn't mean we have been idle however! This year HWP founder David Talento performed and recorded his Handheld Music project playing gigs in  Iowa City and the 2002 Fringe Festival (see LIVE page for details). A mini 3" commemorative CD is on the way. DJ Wrong is spinning full force and the Tony Violence Trio lineup is now an actual  trio. We are also working on a children's show in Philadelphia Nov. 2002 .

The ODM boys are busy with side-side projects (Including the new film-  Steve Phoenix: the Untold Story)  but still found time to lounge around for this candid photo (taken sept 2002 in the NEW HWP haus).

February 2002 - A number of big improvemnts have been going on including some major changes. We have changed our server and registered a new domain:  HelpWantedProductions.com so now it will be easy to find us.  Check out the Live page for past and future gigs and there are some new MP3s up on our MP3.com and main Samples page as well.

July 2001 - Is there any excuse for not having updated this page in over half a year? Well no not really but what the hell, there HAS been a lot going on. For starters there are two MP3s of last year's retrosepctive Music For Isolation Tanks live show on the samples page. There are also a number of live acoustic songs from the beginnings and most recent incarnation of singer/songwriter Tony Violence up at Http://www.mp3.com/davidtalento. Check out the latest song, "I Want to Date Susan Faludi" which first played at last year's Fringe Festival cabaret. There will be more information on Tony Violence and his new band in upcoming months so stay tuned. Also the live pages have been updated so keep track our our latest gigs there.

Nov 2000 - So much has gone on in the past few months we haven't even had time to update this page! New releases by Overdrive Date Master, David Talento, and Music For Isolation Tanks on our catalog page. We also now accept credit cards via Paypal  and are running a sale on cassettes and CDs. Hit up the catalog  page for full info on ordering online.  Finally we've played a number of  live shows and have more to come.

August  2000 -  The Roland Guitar Synths page is back up. Links to old (and new) MP3s and files are being restored. Many thanks to you our new host  Http://retrosynth.com/. Visit them for all sorts of synth and analog goodies.

July 2000 - Due to space restrictions from our ISP we've had to temporaily take the Unusual Instrument Gallery and Roland Guitar Synths pages offline.  We have already found a second site to load the files though and hope to have everything back in august. Check back here for details on the progress.

Also new MP3s have been loaded on the MP3 sites. Hit up the Download page or take the links below to get them.

June 2000 - More MP3s have been added to our pages at MP3.com. New CDs now available for purchase from the catalog.  New  live shows and more to come (stay tuned!)

April 2000 -  We now have two new MP3 sites up with some music for you to download or purchase. Many more files and other sites will be coming soon. You can visit our new sites at:



March 2000 - Major updates to the Download page are taking place. a new track from the upcoming L.I.F.E. album was added and all samples have been made into MP3 files. Info on the HWP MP3.com page was also introduced.

February 2000 - Electronic Music Resources page updated with many new and unusual intruments.

December 1999 - Links page updated with new Local organizations and artists.

November 1999 - Live page updated with new shows in December 1999 and descriptions of recent shows included. New links established for instruments and other musicians.

September 1999 - Linn 9000 pages now moved to Totaltrash Site . Started facelift of main page and added printable Order Form for catalog.

August 1999 - Live Shows Pages updated with many shows in Sept. Looper's Delight CD#1 added to catalog.

July 1999 - Resources page updated. Chicago Gig @ Kultbox.

June 1999 - Vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizers page added. Links updated on Resources page.

March 1999 - New links added to the Electronic Muisc Resource Page. Other links added to LIVE page.

February 1999 - New links added to the Electronic Music Resources page. Some Cassette releases are now out ot print. Catalog revamped with CD reissues of existing material.

January 1999 - New picutres and links of tube/wire recording equipment added to the Unusual Instrument Web Page.

December 1998 - Overdrive Date Master Christmas CD released.

November 1998 - Library of Congress tape recorders added to Unusual Instrument Web Page. Link Page and large pics included.

September 1998 - New Items added to Unusual Intrument Gallery and Electronic Music Resources Page.

August 1998 - Added new items to Electronic Music Resources Page. Added Counter (heh heh...)

July 1998 - Added Instrument and Musical review page . Um... added this page :).

June 1998 - Released Live at Electrolust CD. Reissued various back catalog cassettes on CD. Added CDr page.

May 1998 - Updated live page with Music For Isolation Tanks upcoming show information. Added new items to Unusual Instrument and Recording Gallery .

April 1998 - Added Real Audio song on the Samples page.

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