Overdrive Date Master - New Live CD:


UPDATE:  The Final ODM Hoilday Show was celebrated on December 21st, 2009 at Germ Books and gallery. Thanks to all the Fans for the years of support, noise, and love.



Photo Credit: Tiffany Yoon (2009)


On December 16th, 1997 Overdrive Date Master performed a very special Christmas show at Upstairs at Nicks in their hometown of Philadelphia. As promised, they did not use any instruments opting instead to abuse their vast collection of flea market records, analog effects and echos, and vintage amps.

This CD is the result of what happened that fateful winter evening... 


ODM From Left: Wayne Hamilton, David Talento, John Martin


My, How we've grown.

This Pic is taken from the 2nd annual Holiday Show. David Didn't even put on his lab coat until the set really got cooking!

These  Pictures are from the Big Bash Holiday show on 12/15/00.

Now featuring  Casio Saxophone, electric mandolin, as well as a doubleneck bass/guitar ODM still avoided playing anything even remotely musical whatsoever.

Program Note: This CD was digitally recorded from a stereo cassette master. All dropouts, errors in level and panning, and surface noise have been impeccably preserved to force you to listen to what the audience had to deal with.

Final Warning: This album captures an experiment in sound and free form noise improvisation. If you'd like to hear our songs you might want to get our other album "How Can You be Sellout If No One is Buying?" NO rights are reserved. Copy/Listen/Laugh at your own risk.

The reviews are in!:

"This sounds like Burl Ives getting a handjob from a Fire Hydrant!"
- Your Mother
"It really got me in the holiday spirit"
- Charles Manson
"I canít believe Iím letting them play again."
- Rick Dubrowski, Club Manager @Nicks

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