David Talento - Paintings 2005-2006

Artist Biography

New "work" done in 2006:

Reversible Alien Face #1: Wood carving, Acrylic and tempura based paints, Diskette and CDrom with data, google eye with fur.

Various works completed in 2005, in progress, etc:


Acrylic mixed base with computer modem, nail,  fingerprint  smears, and silver capacitor . 16" x 20":


Acrylic mixed base, tape deck wires and single colored capacitor. 18" x 24":


Acrylic mixed base with Izone Lofi non-portraits, tape deck wires and LED window component. 18" x 24":


Acrylic mixed base, capacitors, functional blinking green LED, red tear/wounds.  8.5" x 11":

Manipulated Izone LoFi photos, Acrylic/ metalic mixed base. 16" x 20":

"Organic Explosion"  Acrylic mixed base with Izone Lofi photos, cables, and manipulated children's bubble gum card. 16" x 20":


"3 in 3"  Acrylic base with glow-in-the-dark thread, metallic gold "tears" Capacitors, copper coil, and brass key 16" x 20":

Acrylic with record shard and three continuously lit green LEDs. 16" x 20"


Acrylic/metallic mixed base, broken record shards. 8.5" x 11":                  Acrylic mixed base w/metallic spill, cut bubble gum card 8.5" x 11":

Non Self Portrait series #1
Acrylic with cross+ capacitor , fuse, modem  parts, and Lofi photo (8.5" x 11")   To  right: Detail of Non Self Portrait series #1

Non Self Portrait series #2
Acrylic with smeared wounds/capacitors, Lofi photo, fingerprint.  (8.5" x 11")


Acrylic mixed blueish base background with red "tear". Electronic capacitors and parts added. 18"x 24"



Acrylic with nail (top center), vinyl record, and PCboard with non functioning LED indicator (lower right) 16"x20"


Study with single cross + capacitor and functional blinking LED 16" x 20":

Light on:


Acrylic and Tempura base. Vinyl record, Lofi Photo, and eprom. 16" x 20"

Acrylic with broken record and tempura/hybrid  tears 16'x 20"


Acrylic with metallic "tears", internal wires from a tape deck,and cassette counter set at "808".  16"x 20"


Tempura and acrylic with Lofi Izone Photo and CD containing PXL movie. 7"  x 9"

Initial part: Acrylic with capacitors and silver knob.  7" x 9" Now combined into following painting:

Acrylic mixed base with broken vinyl record and smaller painting attached 16" x 20"


                        5" x 7" framed color study #1                                                                                            and #2

Materials Technique/Experiment #1  Acrylic, screws, wires, Lofi photos. 16" x 20"


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