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Well you've read the press, you've seen the pictures, maybe you've even been to a show or two. Now download samples of some of the Help Wanted Productions releases and get a taste of our Music.

As of 2012 we have a new Full streaming and Downloading Bandcamp site where you can sample full releases, live shows, and rare and unreleased old and new tracks. Visit and enjoy:


NOTE: The files below are in MP3 format in mono and are compressed to make them quick to download.

The actual releases are all much higher quality but these will give you a taste anyway.  Buy the CDs from our online catalog to get the full sonic majesty of this music :)

1. Hand Held Music David Talento

Stream and buy Handheld Music and other releases HERE:

In late 2001/ 2002 David Talento started performing an experimental show using a Palm Pilot with midi sequencing software. This show used software from to make a wide variety of   ambient, polyrhythmic, and experimental sounds and music. Also used and worked into these sets was the Nanoloop Nintendo gameboy synthesizer. This show was entirely improvised each performance and played everywhere from underground warehouses to the Seamus conference in Iowa, to multiple performances at the 2002 Fringe Festival in Philadelphia.

These MP3s are taken from the new HandHeld Music CD . which contains four studio tracks and a full live performance from Sept 2002.



Falling Stars

3. Muscle Factory - Band Page

Muscle Factory is a live performance band. There are no official studio recordings yet but here's a rough excerpt that captures some of the mayhem and energy of the live show.

Pump To Failure  (Live)

4. Music For Isolatio n Tanks  - Band Page

Stream and buy MFIT releases HERE:

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There are many live MFIT CDs available in our catalog section.  Here are a few examples:

The long awaited new studio album "Return to Exile" is underway. Check out one of the early tracks and email us your thoughts.

MFIT 2004 - Track updated 7/04

This track is an excerpt taken from Music For Isolation Tanks Live At Electrolust CD:
Trash Talk (live)

This more ambient instrumental  is taken from  the Music For Isolation Tanks Live At  the Foundation  CD:

Back in the mid 1990s MFIT played a few coffeehouse shows doing a mostly beat oriented 'techno" type of set. of course there was still a lot of experimentation involved and many guest musicians' joined in on the fun. Many of these live recordings have been remastered and released on the Caffeine CD. Here's a single track full of weird analog goodness. It's a typical but then again so is every other track on the album.
Wearing a Harsh Hat

Two unreleased live tracks taken from the MFIT shows at the 2001 Fringe Festival. These feature polyrhymic beats and ambient drones combining  both sides of the Music For Isolation Tanks oeuvre:

Klang Kling  Displays the mechanical possibilites of the Roland MC505 outside of techno.

Skipping it Old School - Long live Future Retro!

You want MORE????

Here are two FREE 15 minute MP3s from and unreleased  Music For Isolation Tanks gig f rom the winter of 2000.
Both feature heavily processed freaknoise, beats, and loops similar but different (as always!) to the CDs Live @ Electrolust and Live @ the Foundation.

MFIT Live Set One - Is a bit slower and strange. This section is from the middle to end of the first set.

MFIT Live Set Two - Showcases the noisy beat driven mayhem that ended the show.

5Tony Violence   - Band page

No "official"  recordings of the Tony Violence trio are out  yet but here are two solo acosutic songs from a live show to give you an idea of what goes on.

Party of One

The Drunken Forgetful Whore

6. Altruistic Suicide - Band Page

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This instrumental title track appears on the album Inside Out and shows some of the more rock and groove influences in the band.
Inside Out

*The song "Night Nurse" also appears on the David Talento solo album Idiot Avant  with a 2nd Live version of the track with extra keyboards played by David E. Williams.
Night Nurse*

7. Sweeping The Noise Floor - Band Page

Stream and buy Sweeping the Noise Floor releases HERE:

This track is from the Sweeping the Noise Floor Sample and Hold EP. It also appears on the Electronic Music Project CD and showcases the more experimental side of Help Wanted Productions bands.

New Track from upcoming 2006 album

This is the first studio STNF track in years. The sample here is mono and in MP3 format to make it an easy download ( the album tracks are in stereo and much higher quality.) 

The new album is quite a ride of Ambient/experimental music and a mixture of modular and wavetable  instrumental  synthesis.

 Ions in the Ether

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