Sweeping the Noise Floor 

Sweeping the Noise Floor material is now available for streaming and Immediate Download at: Http://DavidTalento.Bandcamp.com
Sweeping the Noise Floor is about as far out as it gets. Quiet and mesmerizing. Atonal, droning, yet hypnotic. Strangely disturbing and calming at the same time. All this and more wrapped up in a feast of electronic bubbling, pulsing, and deeply affecting compositions.

Sweeping the Noise Floor started out as an exepriement in sound originally inspired by the Art Installtion piece  FUGUE STATEa single voice recorded live through various processors and effects units moans, mutates, and forces its way through deep washes of sound. The experience of performing this thirty-five minute dirge led to more creative recording and writing techniques which next manifested themselves on the first official recording under the STNF moniker.


The  Sample and Hold EP  was recorded over a period of one year laying down each track of sample and hold random circuitry individually and indepedently from all the others. On one song a guest musician literally mailed his contribution in and it was then mixed down onto the master mulitrack along with all the others. The final songs were formed by taking a few minutes of these individual tracks at a time and processing and mixing them together live to make a suitable coherent musical statement. These are not "songs" so much as crafted collections of sound. The final result is an extended play cassette which is ambient in the most authentic sense.

In addition to the releases on Help Wanted Productions, Sweeping the Noise Floor has one track on the Electronic Music Project compilation CD and contributed a track collected on the 1990s Adventures in Lo-Fi compilation tape put out by Buttmunch records.

The first full length album  BASELINE was released in 2007.  This multi-song CD features new experiments in the world of modular and wavetable synthesis as well as creeping and processed  analog goodness from our vast studio of  vintage instruments and effects. Full previews and online purchase including digital downloads are at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sweepingnoisefloor. BASELINE established a new more sophisticated level of STNF with concentrated and focused compositions part improvisation, part specific sound excursion.

To celebrate this new life composer David Talento performed a live concert exclusively on the main custom modular synthesizer used on BASELINE for the album release party. This concert was recorded and is now available for streaming and download as the LIVE at GERM CD.


Sweeping the Noise Floor then went underground as we focused on other projects but new material was always being worked on, recorded, and mixed. Finally after over three years in the making the new full length CD MIXED SIGNALS was released in May  2013. 

The new album showcases a growth of the overall Sweeping the Noise Floor sound and intention while maintaining it's creeping energy and dedication to emotional sound exploration.  There is a lot of variety in these songs. Some evolve slowly while others tic and ping back and forth in the audio realm. Some ever have (gasp) melody while others take the listener to uncharted territory and aural locations. While the length runs over and hour you'll find different songs take their own path and time frame to get where they are going.

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