Selected Tony Violence Lyrics:

The Drunken Forgetful Whore

I was dreaming of me  favorite lass  one fine white winter's day
When she didn't show I knew that she'd forgotten of  our date
She waltzed into the bar about an hour or so late
Then tossed up  on the counter top and passed out on me plate

And yer father's a drunk and yer mother's a drunk
and yer sister's a drunk and yer brother's a drunk
and the kids are all drinkin', yer spirits are sunk
so you drink and you drink and you drink 'till yer drunk

Her hair was all dissheveled and her makeup it was messed
I would have cared some maybe but then I was duly pissed
We walked out to the street you know but  we didn't make it far
She forgot where we were going and we couldn't find her car


I hope you like me  tale of drink, debauchery, and song
Well like her I think you'll get over it and start to sing along
About the drunken forgetful whore and the men who never paid
We'll sing of life and love and loss and trying to get laid.

Chorus three times (or until falling down drunk of course)

Party of One

Whereís my pizza and whereís my VCR
Itís raining outside and I donít have a car
I used to go out almost every night
If I only met someone I know that Iíd be fine

Itís a Party of One, Youíre not invited
Itís nothing personal, donít feel slighted
Itís just a party of One and I Hope  - to - see - you -

Iím staying in again itís a big TV night
Too tired to make it out just gonna stay in here alright
maybe do some laundry get some of those overdue bill paid
Nuke a leftover dinner and think about getting laid

Itís a Party of One, Youíre not invited
Itís nothing dangerous, donít get excited
Itís just a party of One and I Hope  - to - see - you -

Saturday night I put on my Movie star shirt
I look Danny Devito but everyone wants to see William Hurt
Star at them all from accross the Bar
I never talk to anyone just look from afar
I gotta get home early i got date with some porno star
On my VCR

Goth Girl

Her lipstick is as dark as her soul
Her hair is dyed blacker than coal
Her eyeliner is called "Satan's Delight"
She's such a sexy gothic sight

She speaks with the voice of death
She has capuccino breath
She gets her clothes from Lucifer's Shelf
When she looks in the mirror she can't see herself


She sits there quietly like a mouse
She only listens to old Bauhaus
Her teeth are crooked and her lips are cruel
Goth girl I love you...

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